Who are the Snitches in the Neighborhood – Part I

There is a Facebook group called Maine: No Mask No Service. Having looked through the group before it was made private to hide their antics was disturbing to me. This group gives little to no consideration to people who may have medical or mental health issues which prevent them from wearing a mask. They want all masks all the time. No questions asked or leeway given. Instead, the members think they have somehow been deputized to be the mask police and have taken it upon themselves to harass and report local businesses to Governor’s Mills Enforcement Website (aka the Snitch Line). Not only are the members of this group reporting their local businesses, they are proud to be part of trying to ruin a business because of their own opinions. Herein lies the problem. Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion. However, people should never demand someone to have the same opinion or else be punished for having a different opinion. What has this state become when our citizens are motived to turn in their fellow Maine citizens?

So who are the snitches in the neighborhood? Here, I will highlight some of those people proud of their reporting prowess along with screenshots. We’ll start with the admins and moderators of the group:

Admins and Moderators of Maine: No Mask No Service

As for members, meet some of your fellow Maine citizens who are quite proud of their reporting prowess:

Stephanie Burke of Raymond, Maine posted a photo of employees in the kitchen of a pizza business in Lewiston. I’m not sure whether Stephanie ever worked in a commercial kitchen in the summer (even with the AC going) because it’s so hot that employees would drop like flies if they were to wear a mask in that heat.

A more rational person reminded Stephanie about the heat in a commercial kitchen but that didn’t stop the militant response with poor spelling from Susan Brooks:

Here is a passive aggressive response to Stephanie Burke’s post from Summer Paradis along with enthusiastic support of Andrea Lasselle and Julie Carpenter.

Darleen Hawkes Doughty is upset with Tractor Supply even though they have signs that say MUST HAVE FACE COVERING TO ENTER. Does she realize that not everyone can safely wear a mask? Eh, that doesn’t matter because Beverly Billings is right on top of this post and providing Darleen with a quick link to the Snitch Reporting site.

Again, here’s another pizza business feeling the wrath of these self righteous Mainers. Razell Smedberg-Ward is actually reaching out to the company before hitting up the Mills’ Report Businesses Site. That doesn’t appear to be good enough for Mikayla Ruby who goes right to posting the link for Mills’ Report this Business site. Diana Iwaskiewicz Carson doesn’t go the straight reporting route. Instead she tags the pizza company and attempts to lay a guilt trip on them that any Catholic mother would be proud of by telling them they “need to care for the community.

Darleen Hawkes Doughty is still looking for help and advice on how to report businesses. Amanda Sanborn of Portland helps out by telling her which boxes to check on the Snitch Form. Fear not, Darleen, Patti Trish has advice on how to report your local businesses and neighbors without giving your actual name or email address.

This is just the beginning of this multi part series.  Check back soon for another edition of Who Are the Snitches in your Neighborhood. In the meantime, if you have screenshots you’d like to share, please send them to mainejournalnews@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “Who are the Snitches in the Neighborhood – Part I”

  1. This is illegal and invasive also incorrect I urge you to remove this false information before I press charges. This is against the private group policy and has been reported to authorities.

    1. “Lainy”:

      You’ve been a busy bee, haven’t you? There is no false information. It’s your own words. Are you saying you are falsely reporting businesses? Let me know what the police say.

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