Maine: No Mask No Service Admin Whips up an Outrage Mob…Over Nothing.

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You folks remember my old friends at Maine: No Mask No Service. They are outraged. AGAIN. Laura Scott, admin of the group posted this Group Safety Warning.

Like most inflammatory posts in Maine: No Mask No Service, they posted this without any investigation. Don’t worry. I got to the bottom of this so keep reading and I think you will be as amused as I was. Let’s get back to this post and the typical pearl clutching moral superiority and hate we have come to expect from Maine: No Mask No Service members.

The angry little hornets of Maine: No Mask No Service went into immediate action and started calling the supermarkets in Laura Scott’s post.

Alice Lingley wants the cops called. LeeAnne Steve thinks people are stupid. Nan N Sean Goodwin want the police to arrest them. Let’s think about this. If there was a protest happening, these are your fellow citizens who want you arrested for exercising your constitutional rights.

Melanie Rioux Tennyson, an often vociferous and opinionated member of this group, feels bad for employees and thinks anyone shopping without a mask is an ”entitled dick.” Carol Eller Kirby thinks you are selfish stupid people who must think and do exactly as she does.

And what would a post be without Good Ole Ann Foy gently using her mantra of “Could (or should) this be reported?” If you’ve read my previous articles, you’ll know this is a tactic Good Ole Ann began using quite some time ago. She typically doesn’t get her own hands dirty but she nudges others to do the dirty work. “You are assholes. Selfish arrogantly ignorant assholes” says Liana Littig. If you don’t do what Liana says, this is what she thinks of you.

Give these people a bone and they will dig themselves a hole. Keep reading.

Keep digging.

­Bobby Barton says members of Mainers Against Mask Mandates  are nuts, ignorant and dangerous. The outrage mob is in full swarm mode now. Keep digging and insulting your fellow Maine citizens.

Allyson Seel-Sorenson has it backwards. People who are against mask mandates are not the “maskholes.” People like Allyson and Alan Tibbetts (who is a local Maine elected official – watch for an article by my good friend, Ronda Snyder on Alan Tibbetts. Ronda was also attacked by this group as a COVID killer in a post saying she has blood on her hands and her business was attacked by an Admin of this group, Kari Beaulieu) who denigrate others and force their views on others are the maskholes.

Carole L. MacCollum wants to “educate” the unmasked. Carole’s comment makes me wonder about that statement. Perhaps Carole wants to send unmasked people to reeducation camps? Anna Nelson chimes in that the great unmasked population simply wants conflict and sensational videos. No Anna, I’ve spoken with quite a few people from the great unmasked population. All they want is for middle aged pearl clutchers to mind their own business and worry about their own health. Obesity is a factor in the severity of COVID but how many people are going on a diet or exercising to help their own health? Should Mainers start monitoring fatties at Walmart whose carts are full of sugary and processed food?

Yes, Mikki Lyn, please call the stores to notify them of the “protest.” Keep digging.

Look at the vitriol over this “protest.” Donna Lausier thinks people exercising their fist amendment rights to peaceably assembly. Ted Williams thinks people who exercise this right to assemble are shitheads.

Now that you’ve seen the all of the hate towards fellow Mainers and how quickly Maine: No Mask No Service whipped up an outrage mob, let me tell you (as Paul Harvey used to famously say) “The Rest of the Story” and you will see why I found these posts from Maine: No Mask No Service so ridiculous.

When I saw Laura Scott’s initial post about (photo 1) this event, I immediately reached out to Richard Coffron the group member who made the post as well as Gail Geraghty who is an Admin of the Group Mainers Against Mask Mandates. It will come as no surprise to you to members of this group, overreacted and caused a waste of resources in the government and police departments because they are actively looking for issues where they don’t exist. Richard’s comments to me from two days ago were as follows:

“Oh, we were not going to do it (a protest). It was designed to spark a conversation and show how toxic and dangerous the environment has become. Our issue is the State setting up situations were people are attacking people.”

Gail Geraghty, admin of Maine Against Mask Mandates, had this comment:

“MAMM is a free speech group, however, and any member of course can take any action they want. What they should not do is give the impression the event has been organized and sanctioned by the group. He understands this now. Several media outlets are wrongly assuming it is a group-organized event. The CDC has alerted the State Police. He did tell me there would be no protest. What he said to me was ‘My main goal was to open dialogue and to get people to stop policing.’”

So there you have it and Laura Scott, Admin of Maine: No Mask No Service whipped up an outrage mob over a post which was basically a social experiment to see how others would react. Congratulations Laura Scott and other members, you failed this experiment miserably and revealed yourselves to be petty, mean and judgmental. Additionally, you wasted resources of the CDC as well as state and local police over NOTHING.

I saw a comment by Kristi Mills who was recently mocked in the Maine: No Mask No Service group and which sums up the harm being caused by members of this group:

I’ve been thinking…especially since my last post was screenshot by a troll and posted in the No Mask No Service Group. Mills gets her power from compliance but we already knew that. The way to take our power back is for people to truly wake up and understand what is truly going on and the irreversible damage they’re doing when they snitch on a business and families in their community.

This is a post for them because I know they are in this group watching. I’m really hoping there’s a speck of humanity, a shred of decency left that I can appeal to within them. Who knows, maybe they’ll just mock this too but I have to try. When your baby spikes a fever in the middle of the night and you have to rush to the ER, are you going to call that neighbor who graciously stayed with your other small children last time? Right. No, when you reported her for not wearing her mask while she delivered the mail, she lost her job and doesn’t speak to you anymore.  When your snowblower dies in the middle of a Nor’easter, you’re not going to be able to count on that great plow guy to help you out because you reported him. There used to be a lovely little local grocery store in your town that you could do your shopping in but since you reported them for not forcing masks, their business decreased to the point they had to close permanently and a good friend of yours lost her job. Your house was broken into but nobody seems to have seen anything on your street. Nobody wants to help you but why would they help you after you reported several of them for having too many people visiting their houses.

You see, life turns on a dime and we all go through tough times. When your tough times hit, who is going to help you when you alienate the very people in your community who have helped you faithfully up until now? Will Janet Mills come watch your children when in a bind? Will Joe Biden come plow out your driveway? Will any of your fellow online mask groupies come bring your groceries if you suddenly lost your job and couldn’t buy food? Will they watch your home, car property and help out if they notice something wrong? Think about what side you’re choosing and the consequences of that choice…all over a virus with a 99% recovering rate for 98% of the population. If you can think about all of this and still mock, laugh and demonize people who simply won’t (or can’t) wear a mask, then that is the real tragedy.

Members of the group Maine: No Mask No Service have no idea of the divide and harm they are causing within Maine but narcissists will do whatever they need to do to make others look bad and themselves look good and virtuous. The hate and vitriol in this group comes from the top down (Admins).

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6 thoughts on “Maine: No Mask No Service Admin Whips up an Outrage Mob…Over Nothing.”

    1. What’s disgusting, Danyelle, is members of the group Maine: No Mask No Service acting and commenting as they do. Members of this group routinely report businesses to the state, leave fake facebook reviews on business pages and comment with a sense of moral superiority against their fellow Maine citizens. Like everything in this world, you have the right not to click on the link and read an article that you disagree with. Is difficult for you to read something with which you disagree? I’m sorry if it hurt your feelings.

    2. Kind of like it wasn’t news for these people to whip up the police, journalists and the cdc? Or do you agree with them so that’s ok?
      We proved a point. Bunch of virtue signaling narcissists! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  1. The media has made many feel hopeless and helpless to avoid or fight the virus. They dangle masks in front of a weak populace as the only hope. These “Karen’s” take the bait and are good little foot soldiers, taking it upon themselves to be the mask police because they feel helpless where the virus is concerned and maybe in other areas of their life, too. They compensate by “taking control” of others. It gives them a false sense of meaning and contribution to shame, call out and bully others. In their minds, they are helping, but they are doing way more harm than good and are too emotionally weak to see it. If they take their self-appointed badge off and honestly ask themselves why they do this, they would be embarrassed. If they do look deep and acknowledge why they are doing it, they will also know it has nothing to do with the virus and everything about their own inadequacies and fears. Hurting others does nothing to help that, but it sure is harmful to others they purport to care so much about.

  2. I think the people at the no mask group are nothing more than a group of schoolyard bullies. They have no compassion for those who have legitimate reasons for not masking. Anyone from rape trauma to structural breathing issues (nasal cavities and sinus cavities etc). Do they expect someone who breathes with a tracheotomy to wear a mask over their nose when they breath me out of their neck? You don’t know anyone’s story, kindness costs nothing

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