TROUBLE WITHIN – Are True Colors Shining Through?

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The Maine: No Mask No Service group has some really horrible members who sometimes turn on other members and it makes my day when this happens. While there are many examples of despicable members in the group, two of the worst are Angry John Albertini (I’ve discussed Angry Albertini in other articles) and Rai (Ban-Ban) Bernheim who you may have read about recently after she was banned from a convenience store for harassing an employee.

Angry Albertini (“AA”) often types in CAPS to let you know he is yelling through his screen and you better take him seriously because he is virtuous. What is AA bent out of shape about today? He wants to know WTF he has to give a name when he reports a business for non-compliance. Alana Rodriguez tells AA that she uses an alternate email address to report her fellow Mainers. That doesn’t sit well with the perpetually Angry Albertini because it’s SIMPLE. Alana who can read through the lines is starting to realize that AA is acting like an ass. While this is nothing new to people who have read my previous articles, the behavior was sufficient enough to tell AA that she won’t answer any more of his questions.

Gina Catterson lets the group members know that complaints are considered public information. We already know that at Maine Journal News which is why we filed at least 15 FOAA requests the other day with state and local governments, health departments and even a couple of police departments. I bet you’re as excited to see the responses as we are here at Maine Journal News.

It looks like Jodi Satin who indicates she has tried to report anonymously has finally figured out when you post something online, it’s no longer private. She also begrudgingly admits that they have to “allow” the other side their rights too. I have news for Ms. Satin, I don’t get my rights to free speech from you or anyone else. I get them from the Constitution of the United States of America and the amendments thereto. It was terribly big of you to “allow” us our rights.

Apparently, Andy Schmidt is a lawyer. I incorectly guessed he was a drama major in a previous article. Thanks to Ronda (who has had previous interactions with Andy and his gal pals), I was set straight and now look forward to Handy Andy’s pearls of legal wisdom…and drama.

Yes, Brenda Leo, we are going to find out who made reports within the next 30 days when we receive responses to our FOAA requests. Tanya Kelly is one of those who makes me want to bang my head against my desk with her lack of self-awareness. Let me clear something up for you. “Every right-wing gunslinger” would not be reporting businesses because we mind our own business and believe in personal freedom. Speaking of gunslingers dear readers, if you ever get the chance to go to the range with Ronda, do it. Just don’t get into a shooting/betting competition. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. What IS happening, dearest Tanya, is that left-wing lunatics in Maine: No Mask No Service ARE reporting businesses like it’s their day job. Those reports aren’t coming from the people on the right. Fear not dear Tanya, we’ll get to see where the reports fall when see those FOAA responses. I’ll let you know all about it.

Back to Angry Albertini for a minute. I compiled some screenshots of AA’s greatest hits over the past few months so you can see what kind of people report their fellow Mainers to the government. Nothing says keyboard warrior like some keys pounded ferociously with CAPSLOCK on. These really speak for themselves and no commentary from me is needed.

Okay this one needs comments. Salt of the earth AA who just wants to protect others seems quite elitist and classist in this one about people who shop at Walmart.

I misspoke again. This last one should come as no shock to any of you reading this. I am stunned that Angry Albertini is a liberal. No. I’m really not. 95% of Maine: No Mask No Service is made up of angry liberals.

While Angry John Albertini is entertaining, so is Rai “Ban-Ban” Bernheim. She joined in on AA’s rant about having to identify yourself before potentially destroying a small business and a family’s livelihood. This is Ban-Ban’s mindset. She truly thinks she is a decent human being. I disagree. I know these people think they have somehow been deputized as the mask police. They haven’t. They just finally feel as though they have some power in their miserable lives. L

Ban-Ban is trying to make a point in this next one. Is she saying that she’d rather harass businesses and be banned like she already has by at least one business? Kamenir Moreyn who has been fairly quiet lately pipes in to tell her tale of woe. What she doesn’t tell you is that she went to an event page for a church event and harassed the people on event page. I don’t condone physical violence but I also don’t believe a thing Kamenir says about the threats against her person.

Sue StClair who is one of the less obnoxious group members (but then again, she is a group member of Maine: No Mask No Service so I’m not cutting her too much slack) reminds Ban-Ban to be nice to each other.

Angry Albertini pipes back in with some CAPSLOCK magic. It appears Sue St. Clair took offense to Ban-Ban and her way with words (or lack thereof). Ban-Ban doesn’t miss this opportunity to reply to Sue St. Clair with a poor me, I’m a victim and my allies don’t have my back tale of woe.

One of their esteemed leaders, who can’t control her group members on a good day, finally jumps in to scold her people for not being nice and turns off comments. Kindness is a funny thing to people like Laura Scott and Marianne O’Malley Sampson. Their kindness only applies to some people.

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