Is Maine: No Mask No Service Spreading Christmas Cheer and Goodwill? Of Course Not.

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It seems as though the members and admins of Maine: No Mask No Service can’t have goodwill toward men even on Christmas Eve. You’ll have to bear with me in the retelling of this tale because group admin, Laura Scott is either being intellectually dishonest and misleading or she’s being intellectually dishonest and misleading.

Laura Scott, the infamous red headed admin of Maine: No Mask No Service made a post on Christmas Eve about her experience at China Light in Bangor. Notice that she says “the woman running orders and talking to customers has no mask.” Remember this comment because it will be important later to determine whether Laura is being intentionally misleading or being intentionally misleading. We all know that the truth isn’t a requirement for membership in Maine: No Mask No Service. Another admin, Kari Beaulieu, left a negative Facebook review for Ronda’s business. Ronda says Kari would have had to drive 150 miles round trip for a sandwich and gas in order to leave that review. Since we all know that group members rarely leave their homes, we can only presume that Kari is lying. Here is that review and Kari didn’t get the response she hoped for.

This is probably my favorite response to group admin, Kari Beaulieu, though many others were outstanding.

I digressed to make a point. Back to China Light and the woman not wearing a mask.

The minions and sycophants jump right in to support Laura Scott whether she is being intellectually dishonest or not.

Laura Scott asks whether the reporting line is still in use (as if she doesn’t know and doesn’t have it book marked on both her phone and computer). Then Patty Dent Gammon chimes in as she always does to let Laura Scott know it’s probably swamped because Patty Dent Gammon who isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer on a good day wants everyone everywhere reported all the time. She shouts “Report them” in the group so much that I am surprised if I see a post and she hasn’t made that comment.

I spoke too soon, there is Patty Dent Gammon singing a new tune, “Report to your local code enforcement officer.” Kudos Patty, I didn’t know you had a 3-syllable word in your repertoire.

“Report ‘Em Patty” suggests leaving a Facebook review. As you can see, Patty quickly scurried over to China Light’s Facebook page.

Laura Scott and others are angry that I don’t use my real name and frequently mock me for it all the while the enigmatic Missy Laineous isn’t exactly using her real name and it’s a poor attempt at making up a clever name. Missy Laineous tells Laura Scott what should be done. With regard to #3, we all know that Maine: No Mask No Service members will never think that a manager is receptive to their call and will inevitably lead to a call to the police. Calls to the police over mask wearing takes them away from important work like dealing with mental health crises, getting drunk drivers off the road, etc.

Remember Laura Scott’s first comment? This is still important in the honesty test. Now, Laura is outside and 2 feet away as her order was handed to her. Christmas Eve is an incredibly busy time at Chinese Food restaurants. That didn’t stop Laura Scott from spreading that Christmas Cheer and Goodwill to Men. “You should really wear a mask,” Laura says to the busy and beleaguered woman.

Now for the piece de resistance on that honesty check. Laura Scott posted this review on China Light’s Facebook page. All of a sudden Laura has waited 3 hours for her Christmas Eve dinner (but she doesn’t mention that in group post or comments). Now the food is horrible (but she doesn’t mention that in the group post or comments). Now none of the 4 fry cooks OR the woman at the front desk were wearing masks (but she doesn’t mention the 4 fry cooks in the group post or comments). Now Laura counts 9 people inside (but she doesn’t mention that in the group post or comments) which is interesting because Laura Scott says she was “outside at least 2’ away.” I don’t even believe Laura’s comment that she will never go there again.

You tell me. Was Laura Scott being intellectually dishonest and misleading or was she being intellectually dishonest and misleading given the contradiction in all of her statements?

I added my own small contribution to Laura Scott’s review.

This is why absolutely nobody should take anything Laura Scott or any member of the group Maine: No Mask No Service says is the truth. Ever.

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