Mask Bullies on Kennebec Swap and Sell Site

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When Rebecca Rochelle saw a post in the Kennebec Swap and Sell Group, she wanted to be able to go to the location to purchase items for her children. Unfortunately, Rebecca is one of those people who have been excluded from society because of Governor Mills’ overly strict mask mandate which does not allow for a medical exemption. Maine is the only state in the nation in which the mask mandate doesn’t allow for medical exemptions. You can read more about those people excluded from society in our previous article HERE.

Rebecca Rochelle posted a comment about the ADA and Governor’s mandate requiring businesses to make reasonable accommodations for those who cannot wear a mask. Levi Lamoreau jumped on the comment right out of the gate telling Rochelle that she should stop using that excuse because Levi knows all about her personal medical situation.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d be looking to go to Levi Lamoreau for any worthwhile information or facts on people with disabilities who are unable to wear a mask given that his first reaction is that a disability is an “excuse.”

Next up with pearls of wisdom, kindness and compassion is Liz Gould. I’m being dishonest with that last sentence. Liz Gould was none of those things in her comments. Liz Gould told Rebecca Rochelle to “go home,” called her a “Karen,” and to “get over herself,” among other things. Liz Gould also thinks she speaks the truth which pisses people off. What actually “pisses” people off is unfeeling, heartless and sanctimonious middle aged women who think they should comment on someone else’s personal situation about which they have no first hand knowledge.

Liz Gould seems lovely. Okay, I misspoke again.

While this photo appears on Liz Gould’s Facebook page, I can’t confirm if this is her or early photo of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler? Readers?

If you didn’t think Liz Gould could be any more ridiculous, she makes this comment about the ADA which is an abbreviation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, it’s not the anacronym in Liz Gould’s vast knowledge base. It appears as though Liz Gould thinks Rebecca Rochelle was referring to the American Dental Association. I have no words.

Liz Gould wasn’t alone in her ignorance about the meaning of the ADA, Ronda Carbone -Parker thought Rebecca Rochelle was referring to the American Drug Association. This isn’t even an actual association or entity, I believe the organization Ronda Carbone-Parker is referring to is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Don’t you just love when completely uninformed people bully others? These geniuses (and I use that term lightly) are what makes writing these articles so entertaining.

This is Ronda Carbone-Parker.

Kristina Earle steps in to try to set Ronda Carbone-Parker straight. I have no hope that this will sink in but kudos to Kristina for trying.

More incredibly brilliant comments comes from Hugh Dyer about “hypercondriacs.” Dear readers, should we tell Hugh Dyer, the word he was searching for (and failed) is hypochondriacs? Not only was that not even close to the actual word, Rebecca Rochelle’s inability to wear a mask has nothing to do with a person who is abnormally concerned about her health. Rather, it is the mask bullies who are abnormally concerned about their health. Hugh Dyer is another one who seems to know personal details about other people’s health issues when he has no knowledge whatsoever. He has assumptions though but we all know the saying about assuming.

Interestingly, Hugh Dyer’s profile picture has the caption “Blessed.” More hypocritically, Hugh Dyer has a post on his Facebook post about starving your fears and feeding your faith. This post really caught my attention because the people feeding their fears are those bullying Rebecca Rochelle about her inability to wear a mask and Hugh Dyer appears to be on the side of the fearmongers.

We couldn’t have people bullying someone over their inability to wear a mask without a veiled comment about killing oneself, now can we? Fear not dear readers, Mahlon Libby did not disappoint by making a comment telling Rebecca Rochelle to “try a plastic bag over your head. it helps.”

This is Mahlonalongadingdong Libby. Sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own when it comes to mask bullies.

And lastly some good news and all is not lost. Despite the terribly ignorant comments of those above, there are good people in this world who do have compassion and kindness in their hearts for others and are willing to make their voices heard when someone is needlessly being attacked online. Meet those who stood up to the mask bullies on behalf of Rebecca Rochelle: Desiree Woods, Christine Cushing-Chicoine, Kayla Blackwell, Kristina Earle, and Laurie Newton Thibeault. Thank you ladies because YOU are what’s right in the world.

I’m told the comment thread on the Kennebec Swap and Sell site has grown but, alas, I am not a member of that group and can only rely on screenshots. If I receive additional screenshots of egregious comments, I will be sure to edit this opinion article and add necessary information.

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4 thoughts on “Mask Bullies on Kennebec Swap and Sell Site”

  1. Naran Row-Spaulding

    Thank you, for outing the MASK BULLIES and their miserable hypocrisy and inhumanity. And doing it with such fine, riotous humor at the same time. (although I am sure the MASK BULLIES won’t see it that way — I do).

  2. What I find most disturbing is how excited people are about obeying government. How far will they go to be unthinking obey and good comrades? Then they get rabidly crazy when other people insist on thinking for themselves.
    F alse
    E vidence
    A ppearing
    R eal

  3. Rebecca Rochelle

    I am the now famous Rebecca a Rochelle. This is nothing compared to how I’ve been treated over the last year. I appreciate the love and support and pray these bullies never have to go through things like myself and many others who can’t wear masks have gone through.

  4. The mask mandate is a
    Liberal lie from the Left who are tearing our state & country down because they are ignorant of political issues. They hate politics (I WAS ONE) and know nothing about issues except what the lying media, including this RAG tells them on the POS liberal stations! These lying stations are ABC. CBS. NBC. MSNBC. & CNN! CORRUPT LIARS EVERYONE OF THEM!
    FAUX sucks too now. Liberals running that now So Republicans dropped it too!

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