Who Are the Snitches in Your Neighborhood – Part III

Part 3 in this Series of Who are the Snitches in the neighborhood was a bit delayed because I was sorting through the multitude of emails sent to me about members of the group Maine: No Mask No Service. I was also prompted to review some of the personality traits and psychology behind what type of people would report and inform on their fellow neighbors. One such person is one who many of us would consider self-absorbed. Self absorbed people typically don’t see the world from another’s point of view and they don’t see the big picture. They prefer to see the world only through their own lens. Self absorbed people also feel incomplete and have some sort of gap missing in their world so for the love of God, can the spouses, significant others or children please give these people some attention? Self absorbed people often have a superiority complex which makes them devalue others in the guise of “caring” for others. This next one should be self-evident based on what you’ve read so far about members of Maine: No Mask No Service: they are VERY opinionated and occupied by their own opinions and points of view, desires and preferences. Finally, self absorbed people don’t really have a sense of empathy although they make act as if they do because it’s not easy for them to understand.

Please keep these traits in mind as you read their comments while they are clutching at their pearls because I used their own words in my blog articles.

Let the pearl clutching begin. Yes, Beth Noyes Woodbury, lots of people have seen the blog. In fact, 3,000 people saw it in less than 24 hours. No Karissa Marie, it’s not because you care about other people’s health. It’s because you are reporting your fellow Maine citizens’ businesses without a second thought to another point of view or the big picture. Sorry to disappoint you Laurie Buckinger-Mcknight. This the third blog article in the series and you should see the stats from the WordPress dashboard on how many people have the read the first two. I expect the results of this one to be no different.

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Jessica Elizabeth yes there are posts about businesses following guidelines which is what the group was started to do. However, it quickly devolved into a well-oiled informant and reporting machine ratting out your fellow citizens.

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Ellen Farnsworth I am anti-ratting out your fellow citizens so you can feel better about yourself. Oh Debora Norton. I am not the one harassing you. I’m merely posting your own words but I did receive a harassing email from you saying “You Suck.”

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Patty Dent Gammon how was this taken care of yesterday? I’m still here and writing away. Apparently, you missed Part 2 of the series? No need to worry Debora. Stop playing the victim when you and your fellow members are actually hurting small businesses and their families with your reporting to the Governor’s Snitch Site. Again, missing the big picture.

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Here we have Kendall Zeigler-Woog (another hyphenated name) who is trying to devalue my opinions with regard to thinking reporting your fellow Maine citizens is wrong. Kendall, I nearly did use my full name but I was advised not to do so. I’m glad I listened because of the amount of vitriol being spewed and the hate mail I’ve received is insane. Nina Mendez-Pottle the admins didn’t block or denounce posts, as far as I can see, until the first blog article came out then they very quickly sanitized your group page (but not before 100’s of people grabbed screenshots and sent them to me). Did you too miss Part 2 of the series? Dear Readers, refer back to paragraph 1 and the personality traits I suggested you’d see in these pearl clutchers.

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Geeezum Deborah Norton! You comment in this group like it’s your job. I have made no reference to any medical advice nor did I mention whether I have any medical knowledge. However, you comment as though you have medical knowledge by saying “very few true medical conditions prevent people from wearing face coverings.” What is YOUR background in the medical field? Oh right. NONE. Here’s my stance on masks. People should make their own decisions about masks then I MIND MY OWN BUSINESS because I don’t know whether they suffered a trauma so they can’t have something over their faces or whether they have a medical condition. You should try that.

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Yes Anthony Staffiere, insecure people do. See the first paragraph.

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Oh look, Laura Scott, Admin of Maine: No Mask No Service, is also encouraging the members of the group to report me to WordPress. I’m on my third article now, Laura. I guess WordPress believes in the First Amendment rather than suppressing it as you are trying to do? I see you cleaned up the inflammatory posts in your group after the first article hit the Internet but it was a little too late.

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Here’s the reason Laura Scott wants me censored. I guess using your members’ own words is too much? By the way, the public can still see the admins’ and mods’ names even after you make the group private or didn’t you know that? You’re right about strong feelings on both sides of this issue because your members have sent me harassing emails.

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Rai Bernheim yes read above for the reason why I am only using my first name. I don’t trust the members of this group not to start an all-out attack against me given the hate mail I’ve already received. Rai, you may want to refresh your knowledge on “doxxing.” I’ve added a screenshot of the definition. I’ve not, nor would I ever, post personal identifying information such as your home addresses, phone numbers, or employer information. I am merely RE-posting what you’ve already posted on the Internet.

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Dear Readers, now that you have read the screenshot comments, please go back and read the first paragraph.

This is just Part III of this multi part series.  Check back soon for another edition of Who Are the Snitches in your Neighborhood. In the meantime, if you have screenshots, information or tips you’d like to share, please send them to mainejournalnews@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “Who Are the Snitches in Your Neighborhood – Part III”

  1. Great work. Snitching on the snitchers. Reminds me of that adage, “when the shoe is on the other foot…” They shouldn’t be complaining and
    threatening you. After all you’re just repeating what they already publicly said to expand their message. Hmm maybe they are an evil group and now others recognize them as such.

  2. Absolutely awesome. Thank you, snitches deserve to be outed, they should know there are consequences to tattling.

  3. “Andrea St George Jones
    Gave Dollar General in Sullivan another try today. One employee without a mask, cashier with hers below her nose, only saw one other mask on a customer. When I reminded the cashier her mask needed to cover her nose, she said she was surprised that it had slipped down again. When I pointed out there was an employee without a mask she said the employee has a “medical excuse” … but several weeks ago I saw that employee using a bandanna as a mask. I am done.”
    Level 10 sniveling going on here. I am happy she’s done.

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