Who are the Snitches in Your Neighborhood – Part IV

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Here is Part 4 in this Series of Who are the Snitches in the neighborhood courtesy of the members of Maine: No Mask No Service, Buckle Up! You’re in for a wild ride.

Meet Julie Carleton. Julie was, by her own admission, driving without a front plate attached to her vehicle and was allegedly going over the speed limit. When the police officer approached her, she refused to roll down her window to speak with the officer because he wasn’t wearing a mask. He made an accommodation for her and went around to the passenger window and she kept pointing to her mask instead of inching down her window a bit and acting like a grown up by saying “I would feel more comfortable if you had on a mask” but noooooooo. Even worse, Julie kept calling the officer a “grandma killer.” As if police officers get paid enough to deal with a screaming meemie yelling “grandma killer” during a routine traffic stop. The sad part of this story is the officer gave her a warning. Julie, though, was upset that she didn’t get a ticket because in her opposite world she wanted to take HIM to court. By the way, the guy sitting in the grass laughing wasn’t likely laughing WITH you. My doctor advised no more desk head banging but this one is definitely worthy.

Do you understand now the harm you can cause by reporting businesses in the group Maine: No Mask No Service when you don’t have first hand information? You know it’s awfully hard to un-ring that bell, Mark. Members of the group Maine: No Mask No Service are so quick to attack and report businesses without fact checking or personally witnessing a non-compliance issue.  You may remember Frank Markgren from Part 2 in this series where he suggested following people around to take videos and photos.

No Jean N Danny Desjardin, it’s a completely avoidable mistake to post about a business without have first hand knowledge and facts. When one actively seeks businesses to report, one’s mindset is already geared toward finding violations even false ones as Frank Markgren did. As for Chris Kucsma, I’m not sure why he is in the group Maine: No Mask No Service because he is completely rational and reasonable.

Karen Reardon Kupiec asks “if a cop pulls you over – are the supposed to be wearing a mask?” I love the grumbletonians in Maine: No Mask No Service who have NO idea what they are talking about. I called the local police department this morning for clarification on police officers wearing masks in various circumstances. Well KAREN, you could have easily done what I just did. I went right to the source by calling the local police department for confirmation of mask requirements for police officers. In fact, any one of these dunderheads could have done the same thing before spewing their nonsense.

Well Peggy Dawson Bayliss and Debora (prolific commenter) Norton, police are NOT required to wear masks during traffic stops. It was literally a 3 minute call to the local police to find out accurate information. Although there are other circumstances and places where police officers are required to wear masks, traffic stops are not one of them.

Pat Cummings, I believe a police officer got right in your face as much as I believe in unicorns. Deborah Marsh, perhaps you too should know that police are NOT required to wear a mask for traffic stops. You shouldn’t be wasting valuable police time and resources by calling the Chief of Police or Colonel of the State Police for something that isn’t required.

Chris Kucsma once again tried to be a voice of reason with a rational and logical post. Once again, members were having none of that reasonable nonsense.

Yes Ashlin Charles, you are taking things too far. To the best of my knowledge, none of you have been deputized as mask police.

Regina Leonard, you have every right to share information about making informed decisions about where to shop but you also have the obligation to be sure you are sharing correct and truthful information (see Frank Markgren above).

However, this post and the responses made me wonder whether members are making reports about mask non-compliance that they haven’t personally witnessed and are simply reporting based on another member’s comment. When making a report to the Snitch Site, you must declare that the information you are reporting is true. IF members of Maine: No Mask No Service are mass reporting based on another person’s post and interaction rather than as a result of their own personal interaction with businesses then they may be, in fact, filing false reports. My filed FOIA requests can’t arrive fast enough…

This is just Part IV of this multi part series.  Check back soon for another edition of Who Are the Snitches in your Neighborhood. In the meantime, if you have screenshots, information or tips about any Maine News you’d like to share, please send them to mainejournalnews@gmail.com.

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  1. “I kept calling him a grandma killer” – Julie Carleton
    Yup, that ought to further the cause. LOL!!!

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