Who are the Snitches in your Neighborhood – Part VI

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Maine: No Mask No Service and its members have provided me with days and days of material. For those of you new to this series, Maine: No Mask No Service is a group originating in Maine which started ostensibly to highlight businesses which were properly following mask mandates. However, like most social media mobs, it quickly devolved into hateful rhetoric and mass reporting of their fellow Mainers’ businesses. Parts I-V can be found listed below.

Maine: No Mask No Service admin, Laura Scott, reminds members to think before they comment. Laura, that horse is out of the barn and about 5 miles down the road by now. You can’t reign in members now that they are all worked up. The admins lost control of the group in the first few days it was created. Now it is a social media outrage mob with keyboards instead of pitchforks. Matt Handyman readily admits its not that easy to think before you comment because of emotions.

So, let’s get started. The word of the day is “report.” I put the word out to a few of my readers wondering about how often the members of Maine: No Mask No Service report or urge others to report. No other commentary is necessary on this one.

Then there are those ready with the link to the Governor’s Snitch site. Benjamin Cook loves to share the Snitch Site. It looks as though he has a macro because his comments are virtually the same.

Let’s move on to businesses the fopdoodles in Maine: No Mask No Service are targeting.

Poor Matt Handyman. He went to a bar in Auburn to get a drink. He said the mask compliance was atrocious yet still stayed and had a beer.

Of course, the “Report them” chants started right up. Kirsten Leavitt was the first. Followed by Melanie Rioux Tennyson with the link to the Governor’s Snitch Site. Then the “Turn them in” comment by Dick Crossman.

Becky Morgan thought this bar was a first responder hang out. Matt Handyman assured her they still hang out and attempts to malign the first responders because they “aren’t necessarily supportive unless ‘cheetolini’ approves it.”

Gold old Ann Foye finishes up with a report them to local health department comment. Who cares that these businesses have been shut down and struggling since March? Who cares that these business owners are trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables? Apparently not Ann or the others who engaged in the ‘report them’ comments. These businesses are run by their neighbors and fellow Mainers.

Mahandeva Singh is posting a screenshot of someone else’s experience at Ria’s German Treats. It’s unfortunate that a woman who came to this country via Germany and started her own business just a few years ago, is being smeared by the group Maine: No Mask No Service. I spoke with Ria. She is thankful and indicated that it helps to know that most Mainers are supporting her. I don’t think members of the No Mask No Service group give a second thought to the mental stress and anxiety they cause to small business owners. In fact, I doubt many of these people own or have owned a small business or have any understanding of how difficult it is to run a small business even at the best of times. At this moment, it certainly isn’t even close to the best of times.

First of all, Julie Carpenter and Missy Laineous, one isn’t supposed to be reporting and filing complaints with the Governor’s Snitch site (or anywhere else) unless it is witnessed firsthand. The poster of this screenshot didn’t even see it firsthand. I hope people aren’t making false complaints indicating they witnessed events when they did not do so…

Jodi Satin and Karen Goodwin are you elitists? English is not Ria’s first language as she is an immigrant to this country. Not being proficient in one’s second language does not mean one isn’t intelligent enough to run a business. You should be ashamed of yourselves for commenting.

Tyson Jacques, Carole L. MacCollum and Rob Elston-Pollock think it’s a good idea to harass Ria’s German Treats by walking naked into her store. I’ve seen their photos and strongly recommend against this for the good of humanity.

Ann Davidson is looking for Ria’s facebook page and is writing a recommendation not to go to a business she herself has never visited. Monica Petrosky Gray is not afraid to voice a dissenting and reasonable opinion because as she rightly comments, “our knowledge came third hand. A picture from a person that came from another person.” Monica further states “if this behavior continues this page has gone to hell.” Dearest Monica, that happened about 3 days after the group was created.

Folks, please send Ria some positivity and support.  Let her know all Mainers aren’t like the members of the Maine: No Mask No Service group.

I was sent this photo and wondered whether Maine: No Mask No Service would approve. I mean, this lady is one wrong step away from waterboarding herself but at least she’s wearing a mask.

This is just Part VI of this multi part series.  Check back soon for another edition of Who Are the Snitches in your Neighborhood. In the meantime, if you have screenshots, information or tips you’d like to share, please send them to mainejournalnews@gmail.com. Thank you for your continued support.

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