Who Are the Snitches in Your Neighborhood – Part VII

I’ve been away a few days with my family. The screenshots from Maine: No Mask No Service have been piling up in my email box. Let’s get to it. Laura Scott, admin of Maine: No Mask No Service, has a new rule! No Screenshots. As the lovely Carole King sang “it’s too late baby, now it’s too late.” Though you did try to make it.

Next up we have genius level thinking from LeighAnn Garcia. In this post she lets people know that she saw a person with an oxygen canister and nose piece wearing a mask and if they can do it so can everyone else – no excuses. Do these people even think before they post something so stupid? Of course she can wear a mask! She’s getting oxygen pumped into her body from an outside source. If she turned off her oxygen and wore a mask, you’d be picking her up off the pavement.

Next up is Maine: No Mask No Service moderator Gigi Larrc (NOT her real name). Gigi found a poll that confirmed her beliefs. The AP headline touts “3 in 4 Americans back requiring masks” but how accurate is that poll?

I delved a little deeper into this poll. It’s too bad Gigi didn’t do the same because it makes her look foolish (not to the sycophants in her group who blindly believe headlines that confirms their beliefs) to sane and rational people. The population of adults over 18 in the United states is approximately 209,000,000. This poll interviewed, wait for it… 1,057 adults about requiring face masks in public. Let that sink in. 1,057 people out of 209 MILLION people. Anyone who believes 1,057 interviewed for a poll means three-quarters of Americans favor face masks in public have to be some of the most gullible (or intellectually dishonest) people in the world.

Kathy Burns saw FIVE (5) whole people not wearing a mask at the Ellsworth Walmart and thought that was worthy of posting.

Good ole Ann Foye, has learned not to directly call for reporting business but she thinks she’s being stealthy by changing her wording to “Will you report this?” I’m onto you Ann. You comment so much in the group Maine: No Mask No Service that I could write an entire article on you alone.

You’ve all read about Debora Norton in past parts of this series. She is prolific at making posts and comments and she adds her complete non-sequitur into the conversation about the FIVE people in Walmart and brings up the horror of a “huge religious rally” in August and warns people to “look out.” Moreyn Kamenir wants to know whether anyone but her has reported the religious rally. Debora Norton urges people to keep on reporting.

Kathy Burns maybe it’s not the rule being out the window but people want to celebrate religious freedom without being harassed by a bunch of bored blunderblusses. Oh no Ella Raibert! Imagine a dad wanting to take his kids to something wholesome such as a religious event! Do you know who IS insane? The people in Maine: No Mask who think they have some sort of moral high ground to attack and try to prevent a religious gathering.

Back to the subject of the FIVE whole people without masks in the Ellsworth Walmart. Here’s Keane Dannon, moderator for Maine: No Mask No Service, reporting that there is a security guard at the entrance and everyone has their mask on. Situations change and are fluid but that doesn’t stop people from reporting businesses based on a single witnessed event. Karen Lesniak loves the idea of guards at the entrances to businesses. Let that sink in. Perhaps Karen likes living in an authoritarian society where shoppers are being watched by Big Brother. Good ole Ann Foye isn’t giving up despite Keane making a positive post. Ann Foye is even more in love with the idea of Big Brother watching us. She thinks the loss prevention crew should spy on customers and check the cameras for people removing masks after entering the store. I don’t know for sure but I am willing to wager Ann Foye is a liberal democrat.

I wonder if Christa Gardiner Nielsen still bought baked goodies from this incredible bakery (I’ve blocked out its name but I know of and frequent the business she is talking about and their baked goods are phenomenal) after seeing people without masks. Again, I don’t know for sure but I am willing to wager on this one too that she still bought the delicious baked goods and went home to write this post after she scarfed them all down.

Here’s Peggy Dawson Bayliss with the oft posted Governor’s Snitch site. In fact, I think I’ll send the original screenshot to the bakery and they can decide if they want to ban Christina from their store.

Anne G. Hammond was thinking about going to this bakery because it’s one of her favorite places. Hopefully she stays away because then there’s more deliciousness for others.

Poor Linda Moody. She was thinking of trying something there. Somehow, I truly doubt that but it’s good to make comments to be part of the outrage mob. Jamie Benner was thinking about trying them too. Does anyone believe these people?

Robyn Myers is shocked that Walmart is charging a fee for masks. Someone didn’t have money for a mask so much to Robyn’s utter horror the security guard let him in! She laments “We are not going to going to win this war.” You’re at war with your fellow Mainers, Robyn?

Gold ole Ann Foye is back with advice for contacting Walmart’s manager, corporate office as well as reporting it. It’s almost as if Ann is getting people to do her dirty work in this “war.”

Angry John Albertini also known as He Who Needeths a New Hobby in Retirement is back in Part VII with his emphatic capitals to show he means businesses.

Missy (Fake Account) Laineous is right there with the link to report Walmart for the crime of allowing someone in the store without a mask.

Doubting Dick Crossman doesn’t think Walmart is charging for masks but Robyn Myers is right there to let him know Sam’s in Bangor is “charging to” (sic). As a point of reference about Sam’s, my wife has a friend who is medically exempt from mask wearing no matter whether the grumbletonians in this group believe it. She went into Sam’s this past week (without a mask) and the person handing out masks was putting her grubby hands all over them. That’s not sanitary or healthy. She could have made someone sick handing out those masks with her germy hands but the mooncalves in the group don’t think outside the box to see the unintended consequences of forcing masks on people.

Kari Beaulieu, moderator for Maine: No Mask No Service, says you have two options. I’m not sure the photo on the bottom means what she thinks it means because it’s not someone intubated. Kari is really reaching here with the second photo in her fear mongering attempt. Wear a mask or you’ll need a BIPAP or CPAP machine? I showed this to my nurse expert and she said “The concept of this meme is ridiculous. For some reason those people think everyone who contracts COVID will need a ventilator which couldn’t be further from the truth.”

We all know that ventilators are what killed thousands of people…well ventilators AND democratic governors sending COVID patients to nursing homes. I give Kari a D- on her fear mongering attempt.

Members of Maine: No Mask No Service are outraged by this religious Freedom Festival sponsored by 24-7 Peace Ministries.

I’m not sure why but I keep envisioning the robot from Lost in Space with its arms swinging yelling Danger! Danger! when I read Rebecca Turk’s warning about the Freedom Festival.

The pearl clutchers like Robin Buckley and Debbie Rust are already scheming to find a way to cancel it rather than minding their own business. If you tell them to mind their own business they’ll like screech “GRANDMAAAA KILLERRRRR” at you.

Good ole Ann Foye has a bad feeling. You should see my shocked face right now as I type this. Ann is in the group day in and day out and almost always has a bad feeling. Nevertheless Ann persists and is right there to give people the nudge to report businesses. Now she wants to know how to report something that hasn’t happened yet.

Here’s “Not Her Real Name” Gigi Larrc with the ubiquitous (at least in this group) link to the Governor’s Snitch Site.

Mikayla Ruby is back. I haven’t see her running her 20 something year old mouth in a while. Mikayla has the distinction of being one of the first people (together with Debora Norton) to send me nasty emails. Debora Norton will try to email as well. I’m as shocked by this as I am about day turning to night. Later, two people who were probably booted from the group faster than members of Maine: No Mask No Service can shout “REPORT THEM,” challenged dear young and extremely opinionated Mikayla.

Amy E. Tan is going to talk to her friend of the city council to stop a religious festival.

Not only are members of Maine: No Mask No Service trying to prevent a religious festival from happening but they also have their sights set on a Trucks Gone Wild Mudding Event. Andy Schmidt wonders how they are going to stop this event (hint: You’re not going to stop it. You’re just going to be a minor nuisance,)

Maureen A. Murphy says people who think differently than her are idiots. Joan Curtis is clutching her pearls and wondering how they get away with this, hand washing stations and porta potty availability. Andy glibly responds “well they haven’t yet.”

Gold ole Ann Foye is on this case too. She questions permits and group limits. Andy Schmidt responds with the group limit (I wonder if Andy was concerned about group limits during the George Floyd protests…). Andy thinks the virus could spread all over rural Maine (author note: Andy has the fear mongering down to a work of art). Ann is at a loss as to what can be done to prevent this event from going forward. I have an idea, Ann. Mind your own business and stop harassing businesses and event organizers.

Readers, you won’t be surprised to see the Governor’s Snitch site posted by Andy Schmidt. Peggy Dawson Bayliss (an up and comer in the group) asks about Darwin Awards and Melanie Rioux Tennyson also questions the brightness of people being in a large group. I repeat the same question I wondered about Andy Schmidt. Did you wonder whether there should be Darwin Awards for the BLM and George Floyd protests?

These comments just speak for themselves. It makes my head hurt.

I wonder whether Andy Schmidt is part of a theater or has his degree in theater arts because he’s so very dramatic. Folks, you’re going to kill Andy’s grandma so you have to bow to his wishes.

My associate spoke with the sponsors of this event to see whether they were aware that Maine: No Mask No Service was trying to stop their event. Both sponsors indicated they were aware of this issue and specifically aware of Andy Schmidt’s efforts to cause problems for them.

Let’s summarize Part VII of Who are the Snitches in Your Neighborhood:

  • Maine: No Mask No Service administrator Laura Scott says NO SCREENSHOTS allowed. I for one am glad for the people who aren’t submitting to her authoritarianism and continue to fill my inbox.
  • LeighAnn Garcia is upset because five (5) people were in Walmart without masks. Keane Dannon, group moderator, reported this same Walmart was doing a good job. I guess it’s subjective but calls to report weren’t far away.
  • Group admin, “Not Her Real Name” Gigi Larrc, posted a poll that would make one think that 3/4 of Americans think masks should be mandatory. Until, that is, one looks at the poll and realizes how small the sample size was for the poll. It was a whopping 1,057 people out of 209 MILLION adults in the U.S.
  • Christa Gardiner Nielsen is upset that the best bakery in Waterville wear masks.
  • Robyn Myers is fearful that they are not going to win this “war.”
  • Kari Beaulieu, moderator for Maine: No Mask No Service, posts one of the dumbest memes I’ve ever seen about wearing a mask or using a BIPAP or CPAP device.
  • Members of the group are outraged and trying to shutdown the Freedom Festival sponsored by 24-7 Peace Ministries.
  • Members of the group are actively trying to shut down the Trucks Gone Wild event.

It seems the members of the group, Maine: No Mask No Service, are concerned that they aren’t going to win this “war.” Well when your group is full of Admirals of the Narrow Seas, you’re not going to win any wars but you are going to make a lot of your neighbors and fellow Mainers wary of you and not want to associate with you any longer.

This is just Part VII of this multi part series.  Check back soon for another edition of Who Are the Snitches in your Neighborhood. In the meantime, if you have screenshots, information or tips you’d like to share, please send them to mainejournalnews@gmail.com. Thank you for your continued support.

14 thoughts on “Who Are the Snitches in Your Neighborhood – Part VII”

  1. These people are beyond words. Talk about instilling fear. They must all live in their little bubbles and spend their time trying to ruin the lives of the rest of us who choose NOT to live in fear.
    If this wasn’t so sad it would read like a comedy.
    Good work.

  2. Isn’t this an opinion of one person? Who is the writer? I want to
    Know to report the magazine and her or him for invasion of privacy and deformation of character. I think the writer had their own issues on this fictional rant.

    1. The writer is me. I was advised when I started this to only use my first name. I am glad I listened because you people are crazy and it seems you are out to obliterate anyone who disagrees with you. While I am retired, my wife is not and I don’t trust you blunderblusses not to jeopardize her employment. There’s no invasion of privacy and there was no deformation (sic). I have no issues except for people who report businesses to the government and make negative fake facebook reviews for businesses they’ve never visited.

      1. That wasn’t to you, but “Lainy”. Far too much time on their hands. If they had any form of life, they’d be living it. They need to go get some fresh air and exercise. May make them less clucky, I mean “cranky”.

    2. “Defamation” of character, not “Deformation”. 😂😭☠️ And, you would have to be able to afford a lawyer to sue, as most states don’t have a “charge” that can be brought for defamation. Secondly, you would not win, sharing screenshots of “truth” protects the writer. The burden of proof would fall on you, and half of those people probably aren’t using their real names. My suggestion would be for you to get a lawyer that will petition the court for you, and “try” to get a subpoena for this site’s information. Good luck with that, though. The court isn’t worried about fake people snitching on law abiding citizens. Why. Orders and mandates are NOT laws, and therefore cannot be legally enforced. Get a Black’s Law Dictionary and look it up. Have fun “trying” to ruin other people, you miserable jerk. ☺️

  3. The writer of this fictional theatre is making social insults, defensive remarks about political, religious , and making a mockery of a government pandemic and mandate. I demand the writers name of this clearly attack on people and political parties. The writer is bias and in need of some help her self.

    1. Elaine:

      You have quite the imagination, don’t you? I don’t know what “defensive remarks about political, religious…” means. Can you explain? I am not making a mockery of a government pandemic and mandate. I am simply bringing your own words about businesses to the light of day. Perhaps you don’t actually feel good about reporting struggling small businesses to the government. I am voicing my opinion and I learned about bias from watching CNN. I need no help and how dare you assume my gender?

    2. Wow….you are a complete buffoon! I stumbled across this nonsense in accidentally. Props to the original columnist for outing you tools. You would certainly hate me. Other than on an airplane or visiting someone in a hospital, I have not worn a mask throughout this entire endemic (yes endemic, not pandemic). Follow the science. Zero proof on the efficacy of masks. If a Karen such as yourself came near me, I would cough in your face. My guess is you, that Moreyn character and the rest of your silly little group will rue the day you started snitching on your fellow citizens. You want to wear a mask, feel free. That is your right. I won’t get on you for it. I may just shake my head while walking past you. Life shouldn’t be so hard. Move to a free state and enjoy yourself.

  4. The writer of this fictional theatre is making social insults, defensive remarks about political, religious , and making a mockery of a government pandemic and mandate. I demand the writers name of this clearly attack on people and political parties. The writer is bias and in need of some help her self.

  5. This article is a glimpse of how a small group of “Gladys Cravets” have come together to mind other peoples business instead of their own and can’t stand it when they’re called out on it. Wear a mask and stay six feat away from people, mind your own business and don’t get upset when not everyone agrees with you and has guts enough to put it in print. Just like you did.

  6. Neighbors turning on neighbors ratting them out to be punished for breaking a decree from a megalomaniacal tyrant governor. Sound familiar? But them called President Trump and his supporters Nazis. Wear 3 masks and get an anal swab the puppet currently in the White House might let us have a barbecue in July.

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