The “Not So” Tolerant Left in Maine

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It was announced last night that President Trump and the First Lady tested positive for COVID. The local news stations, WGME and WCSH, posted articles about the positive tests. I reviewed the comment sections of both Facebook pages and they are rife with hate and vitriol from the left. The left and democrats like to hold themselves out as having a moral high ground. The left seems to have completely forgotten that they constantly tell us they are the tolerant ones; they are the ones who love not hate; they are the ones who care about others. Keep reading and you’ll see the opposite is true.

Stephanie Perry, Donna Hansen Pirone, Michelle Gaudette-Mclellan, Jamie Benvie, and Mike Berkowitz all want the President to inject or inject bleach. How kind and caring. The voice of reason, Nickolaus Richard, posted a reminder to “Stay classy left.” That was a great reminder, Nickolaus, but it doesn’t appear that being classy is on any of their minds.

Cama Hagerthy is so full of compassion that she left a comment wanting to know if he (Trump) is dead yet. When she appeared on “The Price is Right” in May 2013, Cama was interviewed by the Boothbay Register:

Hagerthy said she and others went through numerous interviews. While waiting in line, however, she noticed that the interviewer was writing more about those who were upbeat, so she decided to be more gregarious when she reached the interviewer.

“I also noticed these domes above us. I knew they were cameras so I thought if I remained all woo, woo, talking, laughing and showing I was having a good time, I might stand a chance of getting down to contestants row,” said Hagerthy.

My how times have changed from “woo, woo, talking and laughing” to wanting to know if the president is dead yet. What happened Cama?

These people, Nancy Melville Snyder, Cory Tufts, Todd J. Burgess and Jean Spearin think reports of President Trump and the First Lady testing positive is “fake news.”

Rhonda Bennett isn’t full of compassion. She seems confused that people aren’t wishing ill will on the President and First Lady. Rhonda goes on to discuss that “they” put people in cages while forgetting that the cages were built and used by President Obama. She goes on to be mystified that people are ‘worrying about their suffering?’ Yes Rhonda, caring people care about other people’s suffering. Ultram Casuale reminds Rhonda to be better than that. Brian Marble hits Rhonda with the fact that Obama built the cages to which she refers. It will fall of deaf ears, Brian.

The liberals in Maine aren’t without their own conspiracy theories about the news. Brenda Kay doesn’t believe anyone has ever tested positive 24 hours after being near someone who has it. Brenda conveniently forgets that President Trump has been working closely with Hope Hicks for months and months. James Whitten wonders if anybody actually buys this because, according to Jim, Trump tested positive just to avoid the town hall debate.

Darrin Kamins commented on the news that the President tested positive for COVID by letting us know that is the first positive thing that’s come out of the White House in almost 4 years. Where’s the love not hate, Darrin? Be better.

Laurie Bowen is laughing that another human being has the “fake” virus. I was sick reading the comments on Facebook and even more disgusted that these are our fellow Mainers. Be better. Jack Tourtillotte and Linda Robins seem to understand that Laurie’s comment is sick. Why doesn’t she?

It’s more important to Betty Ramsdell, Brandon Johnson, Mikayla Ruby (my old friend from the group Maine: No Mask No Service) and Jacqueline Lee Barnett-Worthing to throw words back at President Trump but not ALL of his words surrounding it. Here are the quotes from his interview with Jonathan Swan. “They are dying, that’s true. And you have — it is what it is,” Trump said. “But that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing everything we can. It’s under control as much as you can control it. This is a horrible plague.”

Colby Stevens thinks Karma is awesome when someone you don’t like tests positive for COVID. Lisa Carr doesn’t believe the news for a second but IF it’s true, it’s karma. Earlene Allen also believes it is karma. There were dozens of karma comments but these are just a small sample. When is okay to wish bad karma on someone? It’s never ok to wish harm on anyone else. If you do, you’re actually inviting that bad energy back into your life tenfold. Karma doesn’t discriminate in that regard – what you reap, you will (eventually) sow. Always. Good karma to you three. You’ll need it.

NEWS CENTER Maine posted this on its Facebook page.

Sean Colby appears to be shaming Karen Pence with his comment saying he sees why he (Mike Pence) calls her mother. Classy Sean. Elizabeth Gilks with the raised fist profile picture thinks it’s too bad that Mike and Karen Pence are healthy. Here is an example of the (Not So) Tolerant Left.

Ahhhh Amanda Vogel. Some of you may remember Amanda from one of my articles about the Facebook Group Maine: No Mask No Service (Click here). Amanda posted a meme with an Corona eagle (?) coming in for the kill. She wasn’t content to make just this comment. Amanda also tells people to “get in losers. We’re going laugh reacting.” Finally, Amanda in her kindness and compassion comments “Lmfaoooooo. I hope he dies and it’s painful.” Even if Amanda Vogel isn’t eloquent in her comments, she embodies the hate and vitriol we see in the left.

Finally for some sanity in the comments and the sanity isn’t from our fellow Mainers on the left. David Lamoureaux is correct. The comments by the left on the news the President tested positive for COVID does expose the lack of character and decency on the left. Audrey Zikmund rightly points out that the meanness and vindictiveness of the comments does show us where the anger is coming from…the left. Michelle Stanley appears disgusted that the left is showing glee and wonders how anyone can find humor in someone testing positive for COVID. I agree, Michelle. I agree. It’s sick.

In summary, the local news’ Facebook pages have comments that show the left is anything BUT tolerant. From people commenting about injecting or ingesting bleach to wondering if he’s dead yet to hoping Trump dies and it’s painful, these are people who live here in Maine with us. Among us. I know that Mainers are better than this display of hate and vitriol. I can tell you right now some of the comments I will get because of this article. “But Trump is so mean and says mean things…he deserves us saying this.” This is an not an excuse for YOUR OWN bad behavior. Here’s something all of my children learned at an early age: YOU are responsible for what YOU say and do. Nobody else. Just YOU! It’s time some adults on the left here in Maine learn this too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. It was put together quickly this morning after my disgust at reading Facebook comments. There are probably typos I didn’t catch so accept my apologies. I am working on two other articles at the moment and then on a topic submitted by a reader. In the meantime, if you have screenshots, information or tips you’d like to share, please send them to


2 thoughts on “The “Not So” Tolerant Left in Maine”

  1. Its about time that the truth was told and I admire your courage to do so. I am a Maine resident and never have I ever been more ashamed of the Democrats. I use to be a Democrat but what I have been witnessing all the hate and disrespect for the POTUS is terrible. I didn’t like Obama and a lot of other people didn’t as well and we never acted like the left. I wish you well and God bless you.

    1. Thanks. I’m tired of the mainstream media not telling the entire story. I’m tired of people acting badly but thinking they have some sort of moral high ground. i appreciate your comment.

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