Rolling Trump Rally Attacked by Protesters in Portland, Maine

On Saturday, August 15, 2020, a group of Trump supporters participated in a rolling rally through downtown Portland. The cars were festooned with American and Trump 2020 flags. While driving down Congress Street, the rally participants were met with protesters. While many protesters remained peaceful, there were also a few who became violent. According to rally participants (and as seen in the video to follow), Trump rolling rally cars had flags ripped off and stolen (one protester tried to light the flags on fire), their cars were keyed, objects were thrown at the cars and cars were pounded on by Portland protesters.

It appears this young man became angry because the rally was going past. He threw down his skateboard, ripped off his shirt and came at the cars with middle finger extended. It looks as though he may have broken his skateboard in his rage against seeing something with which he disagrees.

Skateboard Temper Tantrum
Who is this woman trying to calm down the protester?

Farther down the block, you can see a person ripping the flags off of the vehicle and attempting to burn the flags. These are close ups of the vandal. That’s a tall lanky drink of violent behavior.

The protesters called the police which is ironic since they were the ones breaking the law. Even more ironic is this protester with ACAB written on her cheek. Her name is Charmayne Shaw and is here with her fiance Louis Olbrias giving information to the police about the protester “hit” by a car. From all accounts, the protester allegedly stood in the street and stepped in front of a moving car. That very important part is conveniently left out of reports of the incident. An individual who recorded this particular encounter was allegedly (I have to use this word) threatened by Louis Olbrias who demanded the video be removed from YouTube or Louis would be his “nightmare” if Louis saw him again. Louis can’t even ride a skateboard without falling off and laying on the ground in a fetal position so I’m not sure how much of a threat that really is.

At another point in the rolling rally, a man in a Subaru covered with anti war bumper stickers (I know it sounds cliche but it’s real folks) stopped his car in the middle of the road so the Trump supporters’ rolling rally could not escape the violence on Congress Street. Thankfully, the rally participants were able to go around the stopped Subaru.

This woman was riding her bike through a busy downtown Portland area with her child in a seat on the handlebars. The inherent dangers of riding a bike in traffic with her child didn’t stop her from turning around so she wasn’t watching where she was going simply because she absolutely had to shout “racist psychopaths – die already.”

I’ve saved the best (and worst) for last. Meet Carol McCracken. Carol writes a blog called Munjoy Hill News. Carol McCracken attended the protest against the rolling Trump rally. Carol wrote an article entitled “Pro-Trump Rally Turns Ugly When Protester Hit by Car in Street.” Carol was front and center the entire time but indicates the rally turned ugly when a protester was hit by a car in the street? No Carol. The protest turned ugly when violent counter protesters attacked the vehicles, threw items at the vehicles, stole flags from the vehicles and scratched the vehicles. A lunatic walking in front of a moving car in the street isn’t ugly. It’s stupidity.

Even the protesters who were on the sidewalk were complaining that McCracken is always attending their protests and instigating. They also complain that McCracken takes photos without permission. I have to fall on McCracken’s side on just this one point. If you’re in public then your photo is fair game.

More about Carol McCracken. A source tells me that longtime liberal, Carol McCracken, used to travel up to Augusta to harass Governor LePage and the GOP staffers. She used to help herself to luncheon provided for staffers and then invade the press conferences to ask rude questions and talk with her mouth full. While McCracken has every right to attend press conferences, I’m fairly certain the staffers didn’t think they’d have to feed her before she harassed them. Another source tells me that Carol McCracken was banned from a Munjoy Hill business for making racist comments to a Hispanic employee. The employee was allegedly asked by Cracken, “they allow your type of people to work here?” and insinuated his parents are “illegals.” McCracken wrote a blog about this event and tried to defend herself but didn’t do herself any favors.

If you have more information about the violence at the Trump Rolling Rally in Portland, or can identify the tall lanky drink of violence who stole flags from one of the vehicles, please email me at:

12 thoughts on “Rolling Trump Rally Attacked by Protesters in Portland, Maine”

  1. Naran Row-Spaulding

    How hilarious, watching the rabid reaction from the scurvy liberals when anybody ELSE exercises their own First Amendment rights! How DARE someone besides BLM and ANTIFA express their own political and social opinion, right? It’s like watching a big crowd of toddlers on parade!

  2. Thank you for the honest journalism… I was in the big loud white dodge… Things got crazy for sure. Glad most of it was caught on video

  3. “Who is this woman trying to calm down the protester?” She ran for Senate several years back…Cynthia Dill?

  4. Concerned citizen Cain

    Unbelievable! And where have you been in my news feed?! What a breathe of fresh (mask free) air – to read an article not shoving liberal bs down my throat! Keep at it – yuh bookmarked!

  5. Where was the local news channels? Why wasn’t our local media covering this? Because it was a rolling Trump rally!!
    We all know that the media hates Trump, but local news is local news.

  6. So when do make a bigger caravan of Trump supporters? You know the kind that outnumbers the halfway house crowd!

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