Maine: No Mask No Service: Feathers Ruffled Over Paris Resolution

By: Maine Journal News

This article contains political and other commentary which reflects the author’s opinions

Maine: No Mask No Service members have never been accused of seeing two sides of a story. Rather, they are omniscient and experts on a what’s best for everyone else. They are firm in their convictions and the view from their high horses is magnificent.

The pearl clutching and clucking began with a post from “Visual Storyteller” LeighAnn Garcia about the Town of Paris passing a resolution banning the mask mandate issued by Governor Janet Mills which removed medical exemptions from mask wearing in public settings.

As one would expect, the feathers of the angry hens and eunuch roosters of Maine: No Mask No Service immediately puffed and ruffled. If you’ve read even one of my past articles on the members of Maine: No Mask No Service, you know what this means. Agitation, anger, moral superiority, self-righteousness and insults are about to ensue.

Robbie Lewis is a mind reader. She knows what other people think including Select Board Members in the Town of Paris, Maine. According to Robbie, these people look “ignorant, self serving and irresponsible” though like most Maine: No Mask No Service members she doesn’t back up her comment which just leaves us with her opinion and in Robbie’s world, her opinion is more important than the Select Board Members’ opinions and more important than yours especially if you don’t have the same opinion as Robbie.

Keane Dannon aka Keane Vicaire was quick to post a quote from a constitutional law expert which had absolutely nothing to do with article posted by LeighAnn Garcia. The Town of Paris wasn’t making a free speech argument but nobody I know has said Maine: No Mask No Service Admins are the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Brittany Bugaj muttered a popular refrain about not being forced to wear a shirt or shoes either. Scott Shapiro and Dan Dubord are on board with that and want naked shopping and bra banning. I’m not sure either of these statements are politically correct when responding a woman’s comment. Given that Brittany lives over an hour away from Paris, Maine, I don’t think Scott and Dan should get their hopes up.

The genius brigade of typical Maine: No Mask No Service comments follows with shouts of Dumb asses, stupid idiots followed by the erudite legal musings of Tom Quinn, former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maine.

Note to Clyde Brooks. When you’re calling other people dumbasses, people MAY (and it’s a big MAY based on your comments so far) take you more seriously if you spell it correctly.

Clyde Brooks is back with his proclamation of “Avoid all business [sic] in the town [sic] of Paris!”

Rebecca Cormier is so angry that people think differently that she thinks those people should be “last to get the vaccine,then.They [sic] will smarten up.” This is a typical Maine: No Mask No Service group member punitive position for those who don’t agree with the groupthink.

Paula MacVane, Susan Liddy Tripp and Allyson Seel-Sorenson take Rebecca’s punitive thought process a step further and proclaim from their lofty perches that the town should be fenced in where the ‘idiots’ must be contained so they can never leave. It sounds a bit like Hotel California except with no pink champagne on ice.

Not to be left out of the game of Wheel of Punitive Ideas for the Town of Paris, Tizzy Crowley doesn’t think the town should get any state funding.

Tracy Hayden is aggravated that “morons” are in charge of town in which she doesn’t live. That doesn’t stop her from posting a rant about others not learning anything. Perhaps Tracy should travel around the state and dispensing all of her knowledge and wisdom to anyone who is bored enough to listen to her.

This leads me to one of my favorite, yet relatively new, Maine: No Mask No Service member, Teresa Dawn Price. Teresa lets us all know that Disability Rights Maine supports the Governor’s Mandate denying medical exemptions to mask wearing for those who are physically or mentally unable to wear masks in public. One has to wonder (and there’s that pesky other side of the story which appears to be an elusive train of thought for Maine: No Mask No Service members) why Disability Rights Maine finds this segregation from society acceptable since this position diametrically opposes their mission statement. I don’t want to say too much more on matter at this time because we are working a separate story regarding this particular issue.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to highlight our fellow Maine citizens who judge others from their lofty perch of certainty that their views and opinions and the only correct views and opinions and everyone else is a dumbass idiot moron who should be punished in some way.

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2 thoughts on “Maine: No Mask No Service: Feathers Ruffled Over Paris Resolution”

  1. Naran Row-Spaulding

    As always, a brilliant skewering of the frothing, “holier-than-thou” NMNS inmates. Thank you!

    Hilarious IRONY… the quote from Robbie Lewis handily describes what many think of the NO MASK NO SERVICE group. Relentless whiners, looking for a cause.

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