Michael G. Hein and His Ridiculous Antics

By: Ronda Snyder

Here’s the back story on Michael G. Hein. In 2006, Hein protested outside a lingerie shop in Augusta and asked police to investigate “indecent” activities. In 2010, Hein was fired from his position with the Christian Civic League and filed a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commission. The Christian Civic League was later cleared of any wrongdoing. In 2012, Hein ran as a Republican for in House District 57 and lost in the primary. Also in 2012, Hein plead guilty to willful violation of the Maine Clean Election Election Act and spent 7 days in jail. In November 2015, Hein was charged with cruelty to animals for allegedly kicking a puppy on the rail trail in Hallowell and was later acquitted of those charges in 2017. Hein filed a complaint against a prosecutor in the case alleging an ethical violation. The Board of Bar Overseers dismissed the complaint and didn’t need to have the prosecutor respond to the complaint.

Today, Hein is a proud member of the Democrat Socialists of America which the biggest political swing this writer has ever seen. Republicans MJN has spoken with indicated that Hein wore out his welcome with Maine Republicans.

Hein blocked Maine Journal News on Twitter some time ago. Like most things with Michael Hein, it didn’t work that well since we have all access to all of his Tweets.

Hein has been going to local anti-mandate protests (not anti-vax protests as he suggests) and posting photos of protesters on Twitter with the following tags:

At the protest at the Statehouse on August 17, 2021, Hein was in the crowd wearing a neck gaiter/mask. He was taking photos of protesters and only the signs which fit his agenda. Notice the tags for Crash Barry, Andy O’Brien and Maine Families for Vaccines? It appears as though Hein is now trying to ingratiate himself with those folks via his Tweets. By the way, you all can thank Maine Families for Vaccines and its members for starting the slippery slope of where we are today because of their support and tactics to pass LD 798.

Hein also took photos of protesters’ cars without redacting their license plate numbers and posted them on Twitter in a series of 4 Tweets.

Hein also went to the protest yesterday in Lewiston and called the protesters “ugly losers.” Pot meet kettle.

Here are the signs Hein doesn’t show you from the protests on Monday and Tuesday at the Statehouse. These men and women have worked incredibly long hours under difficult circumstances for 18 months without a vaccine. Now that Janet Mills mandated the Covid vaccine, suddenly (within days) they are no longer valuable members of the healthcare community?

Maine Journal News is writing this article so healthcare workers and others who attend future events can be aware of Hein’s tactics. Consider this a public service announcement to be aware of your surroundings.

4 thoughts on “Michael G. Hein and His Ridiculous Antics”

    1. We didn’t cover him in the past because he thrives on attention. This time, he did something Hein-ous by posting folks license plate numbers so we reported on it. He went to those rallies not to learn anything but with the intent to mock and act like he is morally superior to the protesters. We tend to take the view with him like so many others do which is to ignore him which is why he is trying to ingratiate himself with the far left liberal crowd after the Republicans grew weary of him.

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