Aidan Kearney and Turtleboy Sports’ First Amendment Rights Under Attack

By: Ronda Snyder

Author’s Note: Let me preface this by saying, I saw a post about Aidan Kearney being served with a Harassment Order and a Restraining Order preventing him from writing about this issue or discussing it online. Having been the victim of a nuisance harassment order myself, I took it upon myself to write about this matter. The screenshots of the harassment order and statement in support thereof are public records.

Aidan Kearney of TB Daily News – The real news the people deserve has no doubt shown his bona fides as a journalist. TB Daily News has broken some very substantial stories: Massachusetts State Police Scandal, District Attorney Rachel Rollins’ road rage incident, the true story about Mikayla Miller’s tragic suicide and recently breaking news that the Dasha Kelly GoFundMe campaign was based on fraudulent claims, just to name a few.

TB Daily News has written several stories about a reprobate named Michael Giannetti. Giannetti has been no stranger to the police and courts during his lifetime. You can read his trials and travails here in past TB Daily News articles:

The March 27, 2021 article includes a video of Giannetti live streaming while driving (and looking for Kearney) and being involved in an apparent hit and run accident because he was distracted while driving. Giannetti’s public Facebook posts contained in these articles may hurt your brain to read but they are entertaining nonetheless.

Giannetti filed a harassment order against Kearney and the judge, Catherine H. Ham, issued a further order enjoining Kearney from writing about Giannetti which is a First Amendment violation of Kearney’s rights. Giannetti originally served the order at Kearney’s parents’ house and, as such, he was not notified of the August 9, 2021 court date. The court has reschedule the matter to be heard on August 23, 2021. According to this Order, it was issued was issued without advance notice because “the Court determined that there is a substantial likelihood of immediate danger or harm.” This a prime example of court resources being wasted because there is no likelihood of danger or harm from Kearney. Kearney may also not contact Giannetti and must stay at least 100 yards from Giannetti. If Giannetti is so concerned about Kearney, why was he out driving and looking for Kearney (during which time he livestreamed his own hit and run)? The most ironic part of this is that Kearney wasn’t even close to the city where Giannetti was prowling for him and shows nothing but Giannetti’s own paranoia. The most disturbing part of this Order is Judge Catherine Ham’s own handwritten order: Defendant (that’s what the triangle means) is ordered not to post online about the plaintiff on any social media/online platform.

Judge Ham may want to bone up on case law and first amendment rights of journalists. In a recent Supreme Court case out of New York in Massa Construction Inc. v. James Meaney and Geneva Believer, the court held that Massa’s request to have all of Meaney’s articles about Massa Construction be removed from the internet was a “classic example of an unconstitutional prior restraint.”  The Court issued a Decision and Order indicating that a “temporary restraining order is unwarranted. Additionally, granting Plaintiff the requested relief would violate the First Amendment. Accordingly, Plaintiff’s application is denied.”

The Order itself may defy belief but it will certainly leave you scratching your head after you read Giannetti’s statement to the Court in order to obtain this Order. I apologize for putting you through this. I checked with MIT and they do not have a Reprobate Translation App (RTA) available to understand Giannetti’s statement to the Court. We’ll slog through it on our own.

According to Giannetti, the Defendant called for 15,000 of his fans to get revenge for him (is turtles) because my girlfriend died in my arms 12 years ago on a overdose I had nothing to with [sic] and that I was afir my girlfriend called a meth head mother and meth head son should be takin [sic] from DCF [sic], posted my son and his mother and my [sic] online We fought about putting my 1 year son [sic] online (author’s note: Giannetti had already posted photos publicly of his son) he begin [sic} to make up stuff made false call to police my sons getting beat, I wasn’t there got him admitted on his YouTube he called… (I can’t even do the “sic” anymore because there’s just too many of them).

But wait, there’s more it continues: …of me being a drug dealer of herion bla bla, which I have not got charged w/herion, T a decade, and that I’m a predator of children, I have vidoe of that and the postors and I have much more proof this is he was making, I know the times of the following me and family because after all he does say him Aidan Kearney aka turt turtlb turtleboy sports youtube “he gonna attempt to kidnap” I have to take serous plus when he says this not covered under First Amendent because when he says happen

I’ve spent many years prior to this working in the legal field, I am stunned that any Judge would sign this order AND add her own restraining order language enjoining Kearney from practicing his rights under the First Amendment. Then again a Clerk of Court signed an Order against me for Harassment based on numerous lies in the Plaintiffs’ statement to the Court. In my case, once the scammers I wrote about realized my lawyer and I caught them in several provable lies in their sworn statement under the pains and penalties of perjury, they quickly dismissed their Harassment Order.

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  1. He’s been getting screwed by the courts for yeeeeaaarrrrsssss, and still hasn’t been beaten. This is astoundingly common in Massachusetts courts, and that judge needs to be fired. Viva La Turtleboy

  2. Keep up the great work! Thank you for showing that journalism isn’t dead! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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