The Angry Hornets at Maine: No Mask No Service are in Rare Form

The members of the group Maine: No Mask No Service are outraged which seems really strange to me. Either they are proud of and stand behind their convictions and behavior of reporting Maine businesses to the Governor’s Compliance Violation Site or they aren’t. If they have to do it in a secret (sorry I used the word invisible in my last article because I wasn’t up to date on Facebook group lingo) then deep down they probably don’t think what they are doing is right. In response to my articles bringing this behavior to light, the group members have been mass reporting my Facebook page (click here to like my page) and trying to find out information about my website and filing complaints. They are also actively trying to find my identify. When I first started doing this, I was told by a friend not to use my full name because the social media outrage mob is relentless and vindictive. My friend was right and I am glad I listened to her. You’ll see why in some of the screenshots of their messages and comments to me.

“Not her Real Name” Gigi Larrc, moderator for the group Maine: No Mask No Service is trying to rewrite the history of the group. That being said, Gigi, HAS put the effort into to turning the group back into it’s original purpose which was to post about places that were following the Governor’s edicts. Sadly for Gigi, it didn’t take long for the social media outrage mob armed with keyboards instead of pitchforks to start posting names of businesses, who in their opinion, were not following Mills’ edicts to the letter. Then the keyboard chants of ‘REPORT THEM’ became commonplace in the group (see previous articles for many examples of this behavior). Now there’s no turning back from members who finally feel as though they had some actual power over others. They like that feeling of power. They will not stop.

Here is Gigi trying to assert some sense over the members of group by reminding him what the group is SUPPOSED to be about. Paragraph 2 is interesting and I would never have written a single article if the group merely listed businesses to avoid. What comes next in the highlighted section is not even close to accurate. Rather than writing “Some, but not all, of our members are very zealous reporters” she really should have written “Many of our members are very zealous reporters.” She could have added that “Some of our members are leaving negative Facebook reviews for businesses they haven’t visited but heard about through hearsay in our group.” Gigi’s “understanding that there is no threat to the business” if they report is wrong and probably meant to assuage any guilt felt about harming a small business. In fact, I am willing to wager that 99% of the people reporting have never owned or operated a small business with multiple employees who rely on their jobs to feed their families, clothe their children and keep a roof over their heads. Gigi closes by sharing their altruistic goals of “keeping people alive and well” and “keeping the community and economy as functional as possible.” That last one is complete hogwash. Small business are STRUGGLING to stay open and functional, having a bunch of keyboard mobsters reporting them is NOT keeping the economy as functional as possible.

Michelle Leeman Buczacs is concerned there is a new Facebook page called Exposing Maine’s Covid Bullies. She wants the page reported as harassment/bullying. Does she realize what many in her own group, Maine: No Mask No Service, does to small businesses?

While I am not a member of the group Exposing Maine’s Covid Bullies so I can’t confirm what she is saying is accurate, Christy Lajoie indicates this group is posting individual’s photos and attacking individuals on social media and that is wrong. Christy’s response? Take photos of people in stores and post “Wanted” signs for individuals not wearing masks. The irony and hypocrisy are alive and well. Joanna Lynn Snell when the group changed it’s name from brown shirts, they weren’t referring to themselves, they were referring to COVID bullies such as the people in this group. The group creator was talking about you folks.

Lauren Sroka questions the legality of targeting individuals through social media and calls for a lawyer in the group. Newsflash Lauren! That’s what your group is doing to businesses throughout Maine by posting about the businesses in this group. The lawyer, Carrie Yardley, shows up and gives advice on making claims against people for “fake news” and how to censor people by “removing them from their soapbox.” I’d like to point out, that I have never incited or called for violence against the members of this group but they are still trying to shut me down (see below).

Melanie Gordon never thought she’d be considered a bully for trying to protect herself and her family from those “too” ignorant to protect themselves. Melanie, apparently, you think only your opinion is the right opinion and everyone else is ignorant. You appear to wish everyone would think just like you or you call them names like ignorant.

Is Laura Scott, admin of Maine: No Mask No Service asking people to report her own group for harassment/bullying? No that would take self awareness of what her group is doing.

The members of Maine: No Mask No Service follow the call to report the Exposing COVID Bullies like moths to a flame.

As a separate matter, I do not personally believe anyone should write a negative review if they haven’t visited a business. I have had multiple people send me emails of members of Maine: No Mask No Service leaving negative Facebook reviews based on hearsay of other members of this group. I saw a comment that a member of Maine: No Mask No Service said this happened to her nail business’ Facebook page. It’s wrong but please remember you folks have been doing that to other businesses for several weeks so you can’t get upset when your own tactics have been turned back on you.

On to me and Maine Journal News. Moderator of Maine: No Mask No Service Marianne O’Malley Sampson thinks we (me) are angry. I think she’s projecting her own feelings onto others. No Marianne, you are not simply trying to let people know where to shop. I agree that’s how your group started but it didn’t take long for the group admins and moderators to lose control of Maine: No Mask No Service so that it turned into a bunch of pro mask vigilantes reporting businesses to the Governor’s Snitch Site.

Terry Smigielski responds wear a mask. How long did that comment take you to think up? Pauline Young thinks my site is wild. The formula is not tone policing although I do think the comments that are screenshot and sent to me are infantile and not at all “pretty reasonable posts.” Megg Finnegan Chassé thinks my work is admirable that I spend so much time organizing this site. It really takes no time all all, Megg. dozens and dozens of people send me screenshots by email, I quickly download them to a file on my computer and then I type. I can write one in about 30 minutes (sometimes it’s longer if there’s a lot of content).

No anger here Mary Pennington. You, like Marianne O’Malley Sampson are projecting. I am a happy, fun loving person.

Justin St Louis is a reasonable person. Justin made another post asking members whether they would speak to a manager or owner if they saw a violation or go directly to reporting the business to Governor Mill’s Snitch Site. He asked that because he manages a businesses and is trying to do the right thing. If you’ve read any previous articles on Maine Journal News, you wouldn’t be surprised at the answers he received. Back to this comment. Justin is right. There is a lot of hypocrisy in this group and Justin suggests working on educating people rather than shaming them. Unfortunately, many members of this group got a taste of shaming and reporting businesses and they seem to like it.

Allyson Seel-Sorenson thinks that someone who disagrees with them live in their mom’s basement and makes a disparaging remark as such. I haven’t ever lived in my mom’s basement and I live in my own home with my family. Rachel Flehinger says that I hate when people call out establishments. No Rachel, call them out. I just despise the grumbletonians who report to the Governor’s Snitch Site. I think it’s ironic that Rachel Flehinger has a problem with me remaining anonymous. Your own moderator of this group, Gigi Larrc, doesn’t use her real name nor do several members of this group. Why aren’t you commenting on that Rachel? I’ve seen what you folks do to someone with whom you disagree. I’m all set.

Katrina Petersen is sleuthing about my domain name registration. Apparently, Katrina is making false reports to NameCheap because I haven’t “doxxed” a single person. I have not (nor would I) post where the person lives, their contact information or their employment. The members of the group are wondering why I stay anonymous. Here it is right here.

Dawn Gordon if the group you joined did just that, provide information to help you choose where to do business, then you wouldn’t even have been a blip on my radar. Instead, as I mentioned, the group turned into a social media mob reporting businesses. If members of your group feel as though reporting businesses is a good and morally right thing to do then why are they so concerned with me reporting on it? My site isn’t bullying anyone.

Brandie Rubin thinks I am a sad and angry person. I have found that most people are guilty themselves of however they define others. I could care less about attention Brandie but thanks for your psychoanalysis of me. As I have repeatedly said (and read the previous and next screenshots), the reason I am anonymous is because of what is happening to this site, my Facebook page, etc. People will stop at nothing to attempt to shutdown and censor something with which they disagree. Being retired, I do have a lot of extra time now but this site takes very little of it.

Elaine Giangregorio Doherty, you know who I am? Send me an email and if you get it right, I guarantee I will tell you if you’re correct. Word of honor. You’re also being disingenuous. Not a single item I’ve posted has been photoshopped. First because I wouldn’t photoshop and second because I have no idea how to use photoshop. I am a bit technologically challenged but thanks to a good friend who helped me set this up, I can manage writing these articles fairly well. Why am I not shocked that you “reported” me, Elaine.

Elaine Giangregorio Doherty also sent me an email. She says she know’s who is writing this opinion piece and she disagrees therefore I must remove all information about “no mask no services” (sic). Elaine says it’s not a correct representation of the group. I submit to Elaine that I am posting copies of members’ own words. While Gigi and a couple of others try to make positive posts, they get far fewer comments and reactions than those posts about businesses who are perceived not to be following every mask rule and regulation. A negative post is like a call to arms for many members of the group. Look at yourself Elaine. You’re trying to censor and shut me down because you don’t like it.

Debbie Rust I’ve never once called the group “fake news.” I think you’re hallucinating. Cart Block Karen aka Karen Goodwin (Read here for where Cart Block Karen got her nickname), I just set up the Facebook page and I don’t advertise it. My site gets plenty of shares directly from people sharing website link.

Cart Block Karen Goodwin great sleuthing attempt but my website is not associated with any page or group on Facebook except my own Maine Journal News Facebook page although several groups do share my links which I appreciate.

Martha Hayward has this figured out. Let’s just say, Sherlock Holmes would never be jealous of your detecting abilities. I am QAnon? I am a foreign asset trying to cause conflict in America or Maine? I’m glad you stated you realize how crazy this sounds but you don’t really believe it sounds crazy because you follow it up with “but this is true.” It’s not true and it IS completely nuts. How dare you assume my gender and try to dox me? I thought doxxing was wrong, Martha? Your group went private because of “trolls?” Is trolls a synonym for people who disagree with your group reporting businesses to the Governor’s Snitch Site? I like the name you came up with for me though Patty Trish. A mixture of two nicknames for Patricia. Patricia is a lovely name. What I find interesting is that Martha Hayward is giving advice on how to remain private on the internet while vilifying me for doing the same. If it weren’t for double standards…Keep sleuthing Martha Hayward because you’re very cold.

The Maine Journal News website got these complaints/comments. I love when people report me to me. While I’ve blocked out the emails and IP addresses, I find it interesting that Lysia and Lainy’s comments are identical and come from different email addresses but the exact same IP address. There’s nothing fictional about my writing. It’s your own words I am reposting. I’m not sure what “making defensive remarks about political, religious…” I think that “Lainy” has a fantastic imagination or isn’t in touch with reality. Lysia and Lainy DEMAND the writers (sic) name because they are attacking people and political parties. I don’t believe I’ve made reference to political parties. Lainy is also upset with my “bias.” I am just posting your own words.

Lainy comes back with another comment and wants to know who the writer is because she wants to report the magazine (I’m not a magazine) for invasion of privacy and “deformation” (this made me chuckle) of character. Lainy again calls this a “fictional” rant. Are you saying your own comments and the comments of other members of the group are fictional? Allow me to explain somethings to you “Lainy.” The internet is not private nor is Facebook. If you’re not proud of your own words and don’t stand behind the convictions you espouse in your comments, then don’t post them.

“NoneOfyourbusiness” commented on the last article and told me I am a terrible person and everyone who agrees with my article are horrid. This is what’s wrong with the world. People cannot accept an opposing opinion without calling people names or trying to cancel them. Interestingly, the person sending this comment used a protonmail email address. Look up above for Martha Hayward advising people to use a protonmail email address. NoneOfyourbusiness then invokes the name of the Lord. NoneOfyourbusiness wants to know what I did for my fellow man today and wants to let me know that the Lord will recount every day of my life and somehow she knows that I won’t have a good deed in my reply to God. Poor NoneOfyourbusiness has an imagination rivaling “Lainy’s” above. NoneOfyourbusiness is quite presumptuous in her comments about what I have and haven’t done in my life. Why do people like NoneOfyourbusiness do this? Does it make them feel morally superior when they have no right to do so? Does laying on a guilt trip that would make any mother proud make her think she will win hearts and minds?

In closing, do not think for yourself. If you do try to think for yourself, the social media mob will whip out their keyboards and try to censor and cancel you. If you do not comply, they will report you. You must think exactly like the social media mob does or you are a terrible person and if people agree with you they are horrid too. You must comply and you must conform. The thought police are out and they will tell you when you’ve had too much to think. Remember closed minds stop thought crimes…

Thank you for reading and sharing my articles. In the meantime, if you have screenshots, information or tips on any subject which you’d like to share, please send them to

5 thoughts on “The Angry Hornets at Maine: No Mask No Service are in Rare Form”

  1. we have a race/mudrunning track in Livermore. We recently held an event and this group targeted us. Copied pictures of previous races and made notices on FBI that looked like ours saying event wasn’t real but live only on fb, as soon as we’d take it down they’d post on our website event was cancelled. Then they got multiple people to call Janet Mills office to turn us in. Very interesting group of asshats!!!

  2. This is some crazy stuff! I’m not in Maine, NC actually, but I saw a meme about one of the group members and did my own fact checking. Then I found you! Great reading and keep rattling the cage of bullies. Someone has too 🙂

  3. “NoneOfyourbusiness wants to know what I did for my fellow man today and wants to let me know that the Lord will recount every day of my life and somehow she knows that I won’t have a good deed in my reply to God.”

    It’s real simple. You worked to try and stop a bunch of brown shirts from running roughshod over your fellow man and struggling businesses. You called out hypocrisy, did your part to make the world a better place, not leave it wallowing in misery and actively trying to make it worse for people as these people in “Maine: No Mask No Service” are doing.

    Keep up the fight. As a member of “Exposing Maine’s Covid Bullies”, I can state for a fact that no one is bullying these maskers, and their encouraging others to report the group/page without any actual harassment or evidence should be a violation in itself of FB’s terms. I’d think with the screenshots, a case could be made with Facebook that these people are actively harassing another group.

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