Maine: No Mask No Service Group Just Won’t Quit and Neither Will I

The Facebook Group, Maine: Maine No Mask No Service has been reporting local businesses to Governor Mills’ Violation line for about a month now. Initially the group was public then it was made private then it was made invisible (Find Group Here). These people want to report businesses without accountability for their actions. If they are so proud of reporting their fellow Maine neighbors and businesses then why go to such lengths to hide their activities?

I’ve made quite a few telephone calls to the businesses group members have said they’ve reported and gave the business a head’s up. I also read the comments made about the businesses to the business. Many of them already knew the names of group members who reported them and what they wrote because, apparently, there are quite a few businesses owners in the group who are there to look out for their fellow business owners.

I wrote about Ann Foye in Part VII of the series (here). Ann is in the comment section of nearly every post and urging everyone to report while never actually getting her hands dirty herself. Here are examples of Ann using group members to do the dirty work:

Moreyn Kamenir is very upset. Moreyn thought it would be a good idea to go to the Freedom Festival’s page to mouth off to people about masks and the event itself. The problem is when you are in a bubble (or echo chamber) of like minded people such as Maine: No Mask No Service then you have no reason to wonder AITA (Am I the Asshole)? The answer should be pretty clear to most everyone else reading this. After she went on the event page with her sanctimonious comments, someone made a meme with an older photo of Moreyn and she is shocked!

No Julie, they are not posting her personal information. Moreyn correctly states that people can’t find that on Facebook. She’s right about Facebook but it would probably take less than 10 seconds to Google it.

Keren Elie would like to encourage admins to fully vet the requests to the group. That ship has sailed. Group Admin, Laura Scott reminds all members that nothing on FB or the internet is “safe.” I would use the words “not private.’

Virginia Merry Schultz wants to report a meme to the authorities. Moreyn Kamenir was concerned she was overreacting. Virginia Merry Schultz thinks a meme is an implied threat and misuse of personal information. Is Virginia serious? I can see the call now: Moreyn: Hello police? I’d like to report a meme because it has a very old photo of me and it’s making fun of me. Police: Why is there a meme of you? Moreyn: I thought it was a good idea to go on an event page and give them a hard time for holding an event during a pandemic and not wearing masks. Police: Ohhhh. Sorry about that. Maybe you should mind your own business.

Keren Elie, do you think a meme is harassment but Moreyn going to the event page and harassing them isn’t harassment?

Who’s next? Keane Dannon is a moderator of the group, Maine: No Mask No Service. Keane is being less than truthful in this comment. Yes one of his posts are in Stand Up Maine but (and it’s a big but) where he lives and where he works is not posted there. In fact, his own profile listed his town and his place of employment but he has changed that information. I think he may be confusing Stand Up Maine with another group but I’m not going to help him out and remind him which one.

Jodi Satin needed Slurpees for the kids. Rather than sticking to her convictions about masks, she still bought the Slurpees and then reported the “7-11” as she calls it. There’s good ole Ann Foye right there and hoping Jodi reported it and Patty Dent Gammon asking Jodi to report it.

No Jodi Satin, it is no longer possible to report a business anonymously because some people were making false reports based on hearsay from others and some people were making false reports because they were angry with a business or employee at that business. Also, nothing on the internet is anonymous.

Ron Turcotte seems like an extremely punitive person to me. Ron wants to close Maine businesses that don’t enforce mask mandates; he wants stores to call the police if his fellow Maine citizens do not comply; and he wants his fellow Mainers arrested and charged with hefty fines. All because of masks. Let that sink in. Ron Turcotte wants you to comply or be punished…severely.

I said in previous articles that the members of this group think they have somehow been deputized as Mask Enforcement Officers. Cathleen Greenberg London seems excited by the prospect of Mask Enforcement jobs. Renee Richards loves the idea which is just plain sad.

Cart Block Karen aka Karen Goodwin was at Shaw’s in Saco when she saw a fellow customer without a mask AND was going the wrong way against the floor arrows. Cart Block Karen angled her cart so the other customer couldn’t get past her thereby impeding the other customer’s freedom of movement. Cart Block Karen appears to have skirted the line of the law about impeding people’s right to freely move about.

Patty Dent Gammon really needs to find a hobby. She is constantly commenting telling group members to report her fellow Mainers and now she apparently wants group members to confront people in Shaw’s.

Tricia Kavanaugh speaks up to “ignorant” people who are jeopardizing her health. Doesn’t her own mask work? I wonder if Tricia Kavanaugh would confront me when I walk my cart backwards down a grocery store aisle so my cart is still facing the same direction as the arrows.

Missy (fake account) Laineous wants to know how old the aisle arrow and mask offender is. Cart Block Karen tells Missy she was probably 70-ish. Did any of you self-righteous and self-appointed Mask Enforcement Officers ever think that perhaps this 70ish year old woman has a medical condition that contraindicates her wearing a mask? I never seen a more judgmental group of people in my life.

This was a long one but the members of this group are the gift that keeps on giving (please keep those screenshots coming). Don’t miss tomorrow’s article that has the Maine: No Mask No Service Pearl Clutchers in an uproar (I’ve received many many screenshots today).

This is Part VIII of this multi part series.  Check back soon for another edition of Who Are the Snitches in your Neighborhood. In the meantime, if you have screenshots, information or tips you’d like to share, please send them to I appreciate all of the support and I am always pleasantly surprised to open my Inbox every morning.

12 thoughts on “Maine: No Mask No Service Group Just Won’t Quit and Neither Will I”

  1. FOAA is Maine’s FOIA. It could be great fun requesting all the docs! And Janet’s emails and texts during the plandemic.

  2. NoneOfyourbusiness

    Your a terrible person. Everyone who agrees with this article are horrid. When you pass away & the Good Lord asks, “What did you do for your fellow man today?” you won’t even be able to say, “I wore a mask for a few minutes.” He will recount every day of your life & you won’t have a good deed in your replies. All you can say is, “I didn’t help, I willingly & callously put my fellow man in harms way.” May G*d help us all.

    1. Dearest None:

      You’re entitled to your opinion. You have no clue about me or my personal life and you are making quite a few assumptions that are completely wrong. I never said I don’t wear a mask when required. I hope God (I can type the actual word) does recount every day of my life as he does yours because I have lived a long life of service to others. I hope God sees that you harmed struggling businesses during one of the worst economic times in our country’s history with little to no regard for the lives of small business owners or their employees.

  3. Keep up the great fight! Bullies should not be tolerated any time, any where, especially the mask bully brownshirts loving the power trip Herr Mills has given them.

  4. I find it interesting that all these mask Nazis can dish it out all day long, but as soon as they get a little pushback, they suddenly panic, lock down their page, lock down their profiles, and act entitled. Do they have any idea what the businesses and churches go through that they set out to destroy?

  5. My god, you people are fucking disgusting, putting peoples lives in danger because the rules “dont apply” to Christian so let’s go out and get people sick with a potentially dangerous sickness. So, fuck you, and fuck you abusive psycho “god”

  6. I am a member of that FB page. I am 70 years old and a cancer survivor. Should I be infected with COVID-19, I would most likely die. Reading the page gives me an idea of the local stores that are compliant with mask wearing and social distancing, which in turn give me a fighting chance to survive until a vaccine is developed. People are afraid. Fear can make us angry and hateful. This article, the comments and the writers responses make me want to weep. We’re better than this.

    1. Yes Becky the page started with the best intentions of noting businesses who were following COVID guidelines and that’s great. However, it has devolved into witch hunts against businesses based on small snapshots of time. Members of your group have reported businesses to the government with little information surrounding the circumstances and have posted fake reviews on business pages (businesses they never even visited). I will say that I have never seen YOU participate in this type of behavior but that group has turned into a mini police state of people who think they have been deputized as the mask police. Members of the group need to stop vilifying and maligning businesses as well as people. People, by the way, who are your fellow neighbors. People who will be there to assist you when your car breaks down in the rain, who will change a tire for you on the highway, people who will almost always help a fellow neighbor when needed. You’re right fear has made members of your group angry and hateful. I don’t know if you want to live in the type of Maine where neighbors turn on neighbors. I certainly don’t. Thank you for your comment.

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