Journalistic Double Standards? Or No Standards?

By: Maine Journal News

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Andrew Rice’s article on February 14, 2021 in the Sun Journal entitled “From Yard Signs to Bumper Stickers, Maine Politics turns Vulgar is an outstanding example of one-sided media in Maine. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen plenty of vulgar signs regarding President Trump as well as the GOP over the last four years but those examples are missing from Rice’s article.

Rice’s article could have mentioned Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s vulgarity in politics when she said “We’re going to impeach the motherf*cker” hours after being sworn in (referring to President Trump), but it didn’t. Rice could have mentioned endless tweets by Maine author, Stephen King, but he didn’t:

What Rice did instead was highlight a flag flown at a residence in Lewiston that read “F*ck Biden and F*ck You for Voting for Him.” It’s likely the idea for this flag came from this decal or this shirt or the number of other products for sale online with this slogan, but he didn’t mention it:

Further, Rice publicly posted the address at which the flag is flown. Resident, Hope Roakes, who was identified in Rice’s article told Maine Journal News “Since that article was posted, I have been getting harassed on social media and outside of my home. Cars drive by yelling and calling me vulgar names. The issue with my flag is that it was vulgar yet all of those people who complained about the vulgarity think it’s okay to attack me saying things much worse than what my flag says. The hypocrisy is infuriating.” Maine Journal News asked whether she had any issues with regard to the flag before Andrew Rice and the Sun Journal publicly posted her name and home address to which Roakes replied “None at all. We have had Trump signs outside for a long time and would get a random “F*ck Trump” comment here and there but nothing like I am dealing with right now because that reporter chose to publicly share my address.”

Does Rice’s article include any vulgarity directed at President Trump or the precise street address and tenant/landlord names? Rice is also careful to include the current fad for saying “F*ck Mills.” Big attention to detail there and the “outrage” associated with the “attacks” on Mills for all of her restrictions and oppressive mandates so the horde knows where to direct their anger. Where was Rice’s outrage over the years of flags, bumper stickers and license plates from liberal haters targeting Trump? How about Governor LePage? They are missing in action. Completely omitted.

The Sun Journal isn’t innocent in stoking the fire and division among the citizens of Maine. In a search of articles going back to 2016 we couldn’t find a single positive article about Trump’s accomplishments in this publication. Instead we found headlines and articles like these:

There was this article (and many others like it) in the Sun Journal but we couldn’t locate an article about the FISA Court abuses in our Sun Journal search or any articles with exculpatory information about President Trump.

Rice could have found examples to level the playing field, but he didn’t. In fact, on February 16, 2021 in Auburn, this driver had a meltdown because of a political bumper sticker on the other driver’s car which was mentioned in Rice’s article:

Here are some reasonable and valid questions. Does the mainstream Maine media play a role in stoking the fires and continuing the divide amongst Mainers with one sided reporting? Is there any relevance, value or ethics associated with Andrew Rice and the Sun Journal publishing the address of Hope Roakes and putting her in potential danger because of her political beliefs? I think we all know the answers to these questions.

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4 thoughts on “Journalistic Double Standards? Or No Standards?”

  1. Naran Row-Spaulding

    Yes, certain media actions are, indeed, contributing to the current Hater Horde unrest in our nation, and our state. This is a prime example. Thank you for exposing the one-sided “attention” and hypocrisy from the Sun Journal — and for pointing out the harmful and INAPPROPRIATE action from that paper, in publishing the flag-owner’s name and address. AND the landlord’s, as well. Was that necessary? Was it beneficial to the “common good”?

    Would Rice and the Sun Journal have done the same with a similar flag saying *F*** Trump” ? Would they have tracked down the flag owner, and the landlord, and published their names and addresses, and in so doing, directed the Hater Horde as to potential “next actions”? I think we all know the answer to that one.

    Your other analysis of their past actions with regard to similar situations is also illuminating. “Interesting,” what gets omitted, and what gets published, isn’t it?

    Fair is fair — unless it’s the SUN JOURNAL leading the Pink Hat “outrage” brigade.

    1. Lol complains about unlimdness in politics.

      Rabbid Trumper
      Probably loved LePage
      Threatens anyone who disagree with her.

      The Ronda Saga.

      The site would know a thing or two about double standards in journalism, except that this site isn’t journalism. It’s a blog for a sentient bile duct to use for DOX attacks (which is a crime, FYI).

      1. Awe sending love all the way from North Carolina? Your name is sooooo clever. Did it take a while to think that one up? Look up the definition of doxxing. Nothing we have written has “doxxed” anyone. Ronda has never threatened anyone. Do you have proof of those alleged “threats?”

        It’s okay to hear a different opinion. You’ll be okay.

  2. Excellent! There are few true journalist working in mainstream media. Most are political hacks and leftist impersonating journalist. And there editors are worse to allow such biased drivel to be published.

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