Mail Bag of Messages and Comments from the Unhinged, Angry and Vindictive

By: Ronda Snyder

Article contains commentary which definitely reflects the author’s opinion about the messages and comments.

Maine Journal News gets a lot of interesting emails, Facebook messages (to the page and to individuals personally who are associated with the page) as well as comments on our website. We expect that and welcome messages and comments even the messages that are off the deep end or threatening. Personally I think these messages are incredibly entertaining and I enjoy receiving them.

We get messages like the one below from people we write about such as Tony Glidden of Mainely Roofing and Siding. None of his business failings have anything to do with the manner in which Glidden conducted his business or are his fault in any way, shape or form. It wasn’t his fault that he failed to appear for an arraignment in Waterville District Court on July 20, 2021 which resulted in the judge issuing a Bench Warrant with a $5,000 cash bail, no third parties allowed. Glidden says his lawyer didn’t tell him about the court date. (Speaking of Glidden, I’m waiting to hear back from a prospective customer who has an interesting story to tell).

We also get comments on our website like these. It’s my personal suspicion that these messages are from Crash Barry based on the fake email address, the IP address that makes these comments and the reference to “Corn Pop” who is a pseudonym of someone known to both me and Crash and with whom Crash appears obsessed but they could very well be from some other person who can’t stop thinking about Corn Pop and who thinks he knows more than he does. Whomever is making this comment, he is not the investigator he thinks he is if he thinks Kimmy Sanders is Ronda Snyder.

On August 2, 2021, Maine Journal News wrote an article about Maine’s “Blue Mafia.” In that article, we mentioned a comment made by Alyce Ornella (who also uses the name Alice Ornela on Facebook), a pro mandate and vaccine proponent from Southern Maine. This writer has a long history with Ornella and her crew at Maine Families for Vaccines. None of that history is a good history. Ornella responded to a Facebook post by Heidi Sampson about speaking at an event at The Crosby Center. Sampson and Ornella were on the opposite side of a bill (LD 798) which removed religious and philosophical exemptions from school vaccine requirements. As my former secretary and now friend for over 20 years would have said “Sampson est toujours sur la mauvaise liste d’Ornella” and she never misses an opportunity to take a swing at Sampson or anyone else (myself included) who opposed LD 798. This is a typical snarky and smarmy comment that anyone who has had been on the receiving end of an Ornella comment is likely to see. We mentioned Ornelas’s comment to Sampson in our Aug 2, 2021 article entitled “Maine’s Blue Mafia – Its Hypocrisy and Double Standards. Click HERE to read our article.

Ornella wasted no time in leaving a comment on our website in typical Ornella fashion. Note the fake email address to send a message, “” Ornella raised a whopping $233 to donate in Representative Sampson’s (and my) honor to a pro-vaccine advocacy group as though that is some type of “gotcha” moment. Frankly, I think it’s somewhat embarrassing to raise only $233 for a donation from several people in order to try to get some sort of high school level “revenge.”

I replied to Ornella in a manner she can understand. I’m generous like that.

Ornella, not one to leave good enough alone, comments again. This time with a new message disguised as an email address, “” Ornella reminds me that the pro-vaccine advocacy group would not have that staggering $233 donation if I had not put the screenshot of her comment in my article. I guess Ornela better start calling her friends to donate to her next “revenge” donation party because here she is again…appearing in another article. I should note, that I didn’t speak to Heidi Sampson about my article and I have absolutely zero sway over what Sampson does and doesn’t share on her Facebook page. That’s simply ridiculous to even suggest.

I reminded Ornella that I don’t care what she does with other people’s money. If it were me, I wouldn’t be boasting about raising $233 from multiple people. Let’s see how much she raises this time around.

Finally, the Facebook messages you’ve all been waiting for. Meet Mike Coons. Coons sent a Facebook message that we are still trying to decipher. It may take a group of MIT students to put together a translation app to figure out the messages.

I found this gem of a message in MJN Facebook messages. I think Mike is genuinely confused. We made a post about a NYT reporter, Annie Karni, saying that Obama’s event was okay because it’s a “sophisticated vaccinated crowd.” Perhaps Mike thought he was sending a message to Karni?

Just when I thought the first couple of messages were vile (but still hilarious), Mike asks about the “whole pole eh sucker??”

Mike tells us “ignorance is not a virtue” yet he is ostensibly losing his mind and messaging someone he thinks is someone else.

It may seem like I was angry with Mike, I wasn’t angry at all. I was still amused.

Mike didn’t want to answer questions. He just wanted to rant.

I honestly couldn’t tell whether Mike is a liberal or a conservative or had just gone completely around the bend. I’m going with ’round the bend.

I couldn’t resist a line from Animal House by this point. Think Dean Wormer.

I have no idea who the people are to which he is referring and I’d usually look them up but if Mike is typing their names, I really don’t want to know.

Then, like clockwork, Mike blocks MJN from replying to his messages.

As many of you know, I am on vacation at Cape Cod, my sister and I read Mike’s messages aloud to all who were sitting around the pool in a mini play. My sister was me and I was Mike. We were all laughing so much that we had tears streaming down our faces. Maybe I can talk to her about videoing our performance so we can share it. Try it. Read Mike’s messages aloud. They are even funnier that way.

PLEASE keep sending us messages, comments and emails. We love them…all of them. We especially love the ones in this article.

7 thoughts on “Mail Bag of Messages and Comments from the Unhinged, Angry and Vindictive”

    1. Few people who opposed Maine Families for Vaccines were spared their wrath. One of my favorite karma stories is when they made defamatory comments about me and my Portland business in June 2020 so we took it off the market. We waited 6 months to put it back on the market and made several hundred thousand more by waiting and selling it in 2021.

  1. Emmaline Greensward

    Mike needs a qualified ward attendant. Nothing draws the loonie hate crowd like truth and facts. Thanx to Maine Journal News for hosting what the regular newspapers won’t touch. We are listening out here!

    btw: MILLS is so wrong with the new orders. You are going to get floods of MDs and nurses who want their story heard.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying following you. Keep up the good work on delivering truth! I’m a Maine native that moved away in the early 90’s. Have lived all over the country, spent my last 10 years in Northern Cali (where incidentally, most people I met in all those years were NOT liberal) I Moved back a couple years ago to find my home state lost to liberals and crazies. But…if you really talk to people, there’s more of us who DONT subscribe to these whacko ideas than do. I appreciate your middle of the road, conservative, fact based, yet not closed-minded way of reporting. There’s lots of us out here 🙂

  3. Still trying to figure out what’s got Mike Coon so steamed. It’s impossible to decipher whether he is a liberal, conservative or somewhere in between. What I can tell is that he is certified!! Keep up the good work MJN!

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