Dr. Nirav Shah Testimony and Examination by Attorney Ron Jenkins regarding VAERS reports

By: Ronda Snyder

Set forth below is a partial transcript of Attorney Ron Jenkins’ cross examination of Dr. Nirav Shah at the hearing for a Temporary Restraining Order on Friday, October 8, 2021 with regard to the vaccine mandate rule and investigations Dr. Shah may or may not have conducted regarding reports to VAERS. While I may have missed a word here and there, I stand by the transcript being accurate as to the substance of the questions and answers.

The last question to Dr. Shah I caught from the State’s Assistant Attorney General, Thomas Knowlton was: Dr. Shah, how many people are currently admitted in Maine hospitals having reported side effects from Covid 19 vaccines? SHAH: As far as I am aware, Zero.


JENKINS: Good afternoon Dr. Shah. Thank you for your time today. SHAH: Good afternoon.

JENKINS: You were speaking earlier about the VAERS system and I believe you said that the data produced by the VAERS system is not really about causation it’s more of a signal sending mechanism. Is that correct? SHAH: That’s correct. JENKINS: Did you hear the testimony of Dr. (Peter) McCullough regarding VAERS? SHAH: I did. JENKINS: Okay, I just want to read a bit to you from his Declaration regarding VAERS just very very briefly. He says in his Declaration: This total safety reports in VAERS for Covid 19 vaccines alone for the approximately 9 month period commencing December 2020 and ending September 24, 2021 is 752,801. In the prior 30 years leading up to that date, the total number of reports was 16,320. That’s a (unable to get number) increase. Now without commenting on causal connection, between the vaccination and the event being reported would you not agree with me that that’s a signal that there’s a problem with the vaccine? SHAH: I would agree. No I would not agree with what you said. I would agree that it is a signal as any piece of data is a signal. However, in light of the fact that 400 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in the United States each of which could be an opportunity for an individual to submit a VAERS report. I don’t know. I disagree that it is a problem. I do agree that it is a signal. Again, every piece of data is a signal but I do not agree that it is a problem in light of the fact that there have been 400 million doses that have been administered. Nor do I believe that the increase in the number of VAERS reports, the 100% increase that you noted, I don’t know whether that is of any moment because in order to answer that question we would need to know how many vaccines were being given in the United States prior to the arrival of the Covid 19 vaccines.

JENKINS: Are you aware of any other vaccine that has generated that number of precipitous reports in the VAERS system ever in our country’s history? SHAH: Let me be clear. I’m not aware of any other vaccine where we’ve had 400 million doses in 10 months. JENKINS: That’s not the question I asked you. SHAH: Could you restate your question? JENKINS: Are you aware of any other vaccine generating that same number and magnitude of adverse event reporting in the VAERS system? SHAH: I do not know. Ah, I’m not aware but I would want to know what the number of administered doses is.

JENKINS: Is it true to say that there have been fully licensed and approved FDA products that have been yanked from the market after as few as 5 unexplained deaths? Is that true or false? SHAH: I have no basis to know whether it is true or false.

JENKINS: Now you said that the VAERS system was meant to send a signal and you’ve agreed with me that it is sending a signal but you’re not sure it’s a problem. Isn’t is your responsibility as a public health official to find out whether it’s a problem? SHAH: It is the responsibility of public health officials (NOTE: the S in officials was emphasized in the audio) to find out and they are in fact doing so. JENKINS: Well in this State of Maine is there any other public health officia, Dr. Shah, other than yourself? SHAH: Yes. JENKINS: Who is that? SHAH: We have a team of hundreds of people at the Maine CDC. JENKINS: You have a team? SHAH: to say nothing about public health officials at the county level and the local level. JENKINS: Okay but you have a team. They’re your team. You’re in charge. You’re the director of the Maine CDC, correct? SHAH: That is correct. JENKINS: So, have you done any studies or investigations? Not into all of the VAERS reports. Why don’t we limit it to just the ones related to people in this state? Have you investigated and done any of your quote unquote deeper studies into those reports that you mentioned? SHAH: Could you explain what you mean by quote unquote deeper studies? JENKINS: Well when you testified on direct examination, you said that these were signals and that what they did is they created a responsibility to conduct deeper studies to find out what the significance of the signal was. Have you done that? SHAH: Yes. JENKINS: Tell me about that. What studies did you do? SHAH: We have an ongoing set of analyses around breakthrough cases and we’ve also worked in partnership with clinicians in Maine to investigate certain reports. For example, of reports of myocarditis. JENKINS: So you’ve investigated some myocarditis? SHAH: We’ve investigated cases that have been reported.

JENKINS: Have you investigated any of the other adverse events that have been reported? SHAH: Not to my knowledge. JENKINS: Okay. SHAH: It is generally, chiefly, the responsibility of the US CDC to conduct those investigations under what’s called the Enhanced Surveillance System. JENKINS: It’s not true (unintelligible). SHAH: The states are often partnered with the US CDC if the US CDC requests assistance. If and only if the US CDC requests assistance. In this situation, the one time where they have requested assistance was with respect to the analysis of reported myocarditis cases. Independent of that because we are concerned about the possibility of breakthrough cases, we have been conducting our own analysis of breakthrough cases. Those are not necessarily adverse events however. JENKINS: Dr. Shah, I just want to make sure I am understanding your answer to my question. You’re telling the people of this state that you’re mandating…mandating to thousands of people that they be injected with these vaccines and if they’re not the result will be that they lose their hard earned livelihoods. You went to medical school. You invested a lot of money and time and effort to become a doctor. If there were a vaccine that you didn’t want to take but you had to take it in order to keep your job, would you not feel threatened? SHAH: I can’t speculate. JENKINS: Okay but if you’re going to mandate vaccines don’t you think you should investigate all of the reports of adverse effects at least as to people of Maine? The population of Maine for whom you are responsible for their public health. SHAH: I believe those reports should be investigated and they are. JENKINS: Not by you. SHAH: By federal health authorities to whom they are submitted. JENKINS: Can you give me the name of the federal health authority who is investigating those Maine cases? SHAH: The individual who is charge, for example, of the myocarditis investigation is named Dr. Thomas Chiminpakora (there’s no way I could get the spelling but this is what it sounded like, my apologies).

JENKINS: Who is investigating all of the other adverse events that are listed…did you, did you hear the testimony of Dr. McCullough? You did. You were listening, correct? SHAH: Yes I did. JENKINKS: And he talked about the Medicare and Medicaid data and there’s a slide that he looked at and we talked about it. Slide #10 in that slide pack and that slide pack says there have been 661 deaths of Mainers within 28 days of vaccination. Now you’ve testified that you are not concerned about that because a lot of people die in Maine every year. 15,000 or some odd but 661 deaths within 28 days of the vaccination? Isn’t that a signal that you should investigate? SHAH: Sir, you indicated that I…you put words in my mouth saying that I was not concerned about that… JENKINS: Okay. SHAH: I never used that phrase so I respectfully ask that you not to characterize my testimony accordingly. Secondly, those processes to the extent they are reported are investigated and evaluated at the US CDC level. JENKINS: 661 purported Maine deaths within 28 days of vaccination. As a percentage of the total deaths caused by Covid 19 in this state, what is that 60%? SHAH: That’s not an accurate comparator. JENKINS: Let’s assume for a moment that all of those deaths, those 661 deaths, were caused by the vaccination. SHAH: Why would we assume that? JENKINS: Because I am going to ask you a question. Just assume it for the sake of argument. If it’s true that 661 people have died as a result of the vaccine, and only 1,070 people have died in this state as a result of Covid 19, wouldn’t that be a cause of concern for you? SHAH: That’s an if. I won’t answer a question based on premises I disagree with. JENKINS: Don’t you think you should investigate the 661 deaths and find out about it pretty quickly since you are asking thousand of people to be injected by October 15?

State’s attorney KNOWLTON interrupts: Your honor, this is the 3rd of 4th time that Mr. Jenkins has asked these questions and Dr Shah has answered them. I would ask him to move on. Objection.

As we receive more information and transcribe more exchanges like the one above, we will provide our readers with this information to keep you informed.

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23 thoughts on “Dr. Nirav Shah Testimony and Examination by Attorney Ron Jenkins regarding VAERS reports”

  1. I don’t know much about VAERS or medicine but I do think that Dr. Shah should do a little more investigating on his own to take care of the people of Maine. It appears that some things seem a little shady to say the least and we the people are paying the price with our trust and our lives.

    1. Hello,

      I visited OPENVAERS.org and they showed me how to use it. Once you get the hang, it’s easy.

      Do this:
      1) Go here: https://vaers.hhs.gov/
      2) Click the box in the middle that says, “VAERS Data”.
      3) Go down to the bottom where you see, “Search CDC Wonder”. Check the box, and click “Search CDC Wonder”.
      4) Go to the bottom and click, “I agree”.
      5) Go to “VAERS Data Search”, and click that. Now the fun begins…

      6) 1. Organize table layout. Choose “Sex”.
      7) 3. Select, “COVID 19”.
      8) 4. Select, “All locations”.
      9) 5. You can leave this blank for now, or select, “Death”. If you leave it blank, go to block six, and under “Adverse Data”, type something like, “heart attack”, or “myocarditis”. Press “send”.
      10) So, you chose “death”. 🙂 Press “send”.

    2. I agree wholeheartedly. Dr. Shah is not fulfilling his duty to the People of Maine as an agent of government. He is responsible to uphold the oath of office taken by the government official and office under which he serves. The oath of office includes upholding the Maine Constitution and fulfilling the trust indenture it creates for the fundamental rights of the People of Maine. Not the least of which is the right to liberty, safety and happiness. Dr. Shah and the Governor are guilty of maladministration of their duty to which they swore to. We the People intend to take back the Grand Jury from BAR attorney’s and prosecutor’s and return it to the People. We intend to hold officials accountable for maladministration on multiple levels. Government officials never hold each other accountable, it’s up to the People, who have the right to instruct officials and remonstrate and redress for grievances. They do NOT have the authority to deny us our rights. We never gave them the authority to ignore us, or the right to ignore the duty of their oath to properly handle the People’s business. Thousands of Affidavits of maladministration have been served with no response from officials, which means through tacit aquiescence the affidavits stand as truth and can be used as evidence against them. Boom! Guilty in a court of record that must use Constitutional Law.

    3. Yep. It does seem that Dr Shah is not concerned that people are dying soon after the shot. He seems to think it is just a cluster of coincidences. That is always the case it surely does seem. Shots always seem to attract “coincidences” with great regularity. People are dying, a lot of the time, within 3 days of getting the covid jabs. My wife’s nephew became severely autistic the day after getting the MMR jab, another coincidence. A healthy friend started an abrupt downhill trend to die 90 days after getting the 2018 flu shot. Just a coincidence?

    4. 15,000 people die every year in Maine. Maine’s vaccine rate is something like 70%? So just from simple math 10,500 of those people would have had a vaccine (in reality its a higher number because kids, teens, younger people have a much lower vaccination rate vs old people). If you take that number and divide it over the 10 months they are claiming 661 people died from the vaccine, you have 1050 vaccinated people are EXPECTED TO die each month. Now you take the 661 they claim died, and divide it by the 10 months – 66 people died per month supposedly caused by the vaccine. 6.2% of the deaths we expect each month (of vaccinated people). Now think about the make up of those 15,000 deaths. How many would normally have died from heart attack, stroke (your whole list above)? Now you start to realize….huh….the numbers aren’t out of line. Some people just drop dead of a heart attack at age 80 regardless of their vaccine status. Then if you go READ VAERS, you’ll see comments like (these are ACTUAL QUOTES about MAINERS from VAERS who died after vaccination):

      -Hospitalization after a fall resulting in femoral neck fracture. Patient deceased 3/4/21.
      -4/22/2021 Tested positive for Covid-19 discovered during Universal Swabbing on Specific Unit. Resident was asymptomatic. COVID-19 screening were completed every 4 hours. 5/3/2021 COVID-19 screening revealed runny nose, declining meds and combative. Urine tea colored and foul smelling, Poor PO Intake. 5/4/2021 resident appeared uncomfortable and distressed with increased respiratory rate. Morphine and Ativan given for comfort measures. 5/5/2021 Deceased.
      -Patient died on 9/13/2021. Verbally to be reported from a Pulmonary Embolism.

      This happens to people. Simply saying all these people died because of the vaccine is absurd. The US math is something like 100,000 people die every month, a large number – thousands – of them will have just been vaccinated. Doesn’t mean that is what killed them. The CDC looks at the reports and investigates the suspicious ones. Asks for autopsy results etc. That is THEIR job. It is WHY VAERS was created.

      There is nothing alarming in the data.

      Now the lawyers will make it sound alarming…..they are paid to do so.

  2. This is a continuation of the lack of responsibility for the inaction taken by Shah.

    He was terminated for inaction and passing blame to others for his Veteran Death count in Illinois. Yet Lambreau hired him to run the State’s CDC.

    Is anyone interested in the Soros fellowship that Shah is so proud of?

  3. For someone as Dr. Nirav Shah, who is supposed to be fully educated on all the statistics of deaths and injuries from these Covid vaccines, he sure is controdictory and playing nieve about all the deaths and injuries from these vaccines.

  4. He doesn’t seem some open and forthcoming. He should try to make himself more useful to the people who pay his salary.

  5. I don’t live in Maine but I do have logic and common sense.
    It surely seems to me that Dr. Shah’s answers were vague and he seemed to be avoiding ANY direct answers at all.
    Is he truly ignorant/unknowing about the people, 661 of them, who died just within 28 days of being “jabbed” with Covid 19 injections?
    If my loved one had died under those conditions, I would surely want more Information about what happened!
    Americans NEED to hear the TRUTH about the safety of Covid19 immunizations!
    Dr. Shah’s answers are totally unacceptable.

      1. I am nerdy with # and how people bend the #. Of the 661 people to die within 28 days, how many tested positive of Covid? Or cause of death? All deaths are tested for Covid!
        I can claim over 25,000 vaccines done last week and 10 people died in a week. Oh by the way the cause of death was car crash

        1. Here are some nerdy numbers for you for Maine Medicare recipients. These represent Medicare patients who did not have these conditions prior to vaccination but did have them within 28 days of Vaccination:

          Anaphylaxis – 9
          Bells Palsy – 18
          Cardiac Arrest – 32
          Cerebrovascular Event – 93
          Covid 19 – 307
          Death – 661
          Embolism – 216
          Encephalitis – 9
          GBS = 3
          Myocardial Infarction – 391
          Paralysis – 143
          Seizure – 99
          Stroke – 260
          Thrombocyyopenia – 201
          Thrombosis – 167

          These are ONLY MEDICARE recipients. Since you like numbers, you will realize that there are been many many more of these events by other Mainers not using Medicare.

    1. Come on Sgt. Schultz, just move along, nothing to see here.

      The left is completely devoid of critical thought. Anything, anything at all that doesn’t fall directly in line with their fevered beliefs are immediately attacked or ignored. Simpletons.

  6. If this guy was in my state as the top health dog, I would be moving. Look at other states and how the mRNA injections are causing serious issues, including deaths. I guess Maine is immune to negative mRNA injections for some reason. It has been shown that the VAERS system might only capture 5-10% of negative vaccine reactions and some say only 1%. I have been hearing from nurses that doctors never fill out a VAERS report, even when there are questionable reactions.

  7. I would imagine that Doctor Shah has been given his orders as to what to do and what to say in regards to the Plandemic . He will not deviate from his instructions .

    The shot is about CONTROL for the Gooberment and PROFITS for Big Pharma

  8. I am one of the EMS Personnel that will not get a COVID shot, and I feel like I am being betrayed by Maine EMS. I will not be able to provide patient care to anyone on October 16. I worked through the worst of the pandemic without a vaccine, and would be able to work through the rest of it as well if it wasn’t for Dr. Shah and our governor. The people of the State of Maine will be hurting within 2 weeks. Maybe time to move to a State where I will be appreciated. I as well as every other healthcare provider is being thrown under the bus. This “mandate” is going to increase the work load and burden of every other healthcare provider. Dr. Shah and Governor Mills need to resign for the good of the State. Thank you for reading.

    1. Agree with you 100% Seth and I say, “HOLD THE LINE”!!! We are moving to Florida soon and my husband is retiring two years early from the DOD as a result of these same dangerous mandates. He is healthy and he takes Vit D/K, Vit C, and Zinc since the beginning of the virus and he may have already had it in 12/19 before it hit the news. He got very sick with something that started with a high fever while we were traveling and ended up waiting too long and got pneumonia. He is NEVER sick. That aside, he takes homemade HCQ that I make for him, several times a day, which is what is prescribed IF a person gets the virus. (One of the meds recommended) I think he will be just fine, but with me on disability due to a possible vaccine injury many years ago….I’ve been ill every since….we cannot take a chance on BOTH of us being unable to work! ) I am proud of him for taking a strong stand on this although it may cause us great financial difficulty due to the extreme decrease in our income until he can find a good job in Florida. You are correct on all you said and I commend you for standing strong!!!

    2. Robert B CAMPBELL

      As a 65 year old man living alone, I figure if I have a cardiac event I’ll just let myself die. I’ll never get a 911 response.

  9. This information on the over 600 deaths within 28 days after having the shot/shots is stunning! All of these cases should be investigated right now and ALL SHOTS should be stopped for the time being! Good Doctors KNOW how to provide EARLY AT HOME TREATMENT FOR ANYONE who may be symptomatic for COVID itself and can keep them out of the hospital setting. Something is not right and any breathing thinking person can determine that just by listening to this. Stop putting people at greater risks with the shots than they have IF they even get COVID and GET EARLY TREATMENT which should be the FOCUS right now, NOT giving people the shot for a virus with a low rate of contagion.

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